Instagram not Uploading Videos And Stories: What to Do?

Instagram Does not Upload Videos and Stories

New day, new article dedicated to users who use Instagram every day, the photographic social network, in recent months has seen an exponential growth in the world.

Today, in particular I want to try to help all users to whom Instagram does not upload videos or uploads stories. In fact, I read more often the comments and reports of many users of the social network who can not see the videos or stories published in Instagram.

Initially both the videos and the stories seem to start and are played for maybe a second, but then they lock and are not loaded. 

What to do in this case?

I’ll tell you right away that the directions that you will find below cannot guarantee you to solve the problem 100%, but they could give you a hand. That said, let’s see what the advice I give you to upload the stories and videos of Instagram that seem stuck. Instagram Do not Upload Videos And Stories: What to Do?

Let’s start by saying that the problem sometimes does NOT depend on your smartphone or your connection. Simply sometimes it can happen that Instagram has server-side slowdowns that prevent you from uploading stories and videos on any device, both Android and iOS.

In this case just bring patience, wait a while and within a few minutes the problem is automatically resolved by Instagram, without you having to do anything.

If you want to act immediately to try to solve the problem, follow these guidelines.

NOTE: the advice applies to both Android and iOS, some steps may be slightly different, but in general the guide is the same

  1. Close Instagram from multitasking and try to restart it. The app may have “stuck” and a reboot could definitely help.
  2. If you really care about that story or that video, try to log in from another page. For example, if you see an Instagram story of a particular user that you’re particularly interested in while scrolling through all the stories, try going to that user’s profile, clicking on his profile picture and seeing the story this way. Same for the video: if you see it in your news feed, between a video and the other, try looking for the video on that user’s profile. In this way, the problem often resolves.
  3. If you’re on WiFi, try switching to the 3G/4G data network and vice versa. The internet you are connected to may have problems and therefore does not allow uploading videos and Instagram stories.
  4. Restart the smartphone. A reboot never hurts and could bring Instagram to work properly.
  5. Make sure you have free RAM memory, but above all free internal memory. If you do not have any space or internal memory in your smartphone, the stories and videos of Instagram are very difficult to load because, even if there is not a real download, these are still stored in cache, but if there is not space on the phone all the procedure stops.

These were the simplest and fastest solutions.

If the problem does not resolve, try:

  • log out of Instagram and log in again
  • uninstall Instagram and install the latest updated version

Undoubtedly these are two more invasive solutions, but they will allow you to solve the problem with a certainty almost equal to 100%.

If you need the link to download the latest updated version of Instagram for Android and iOS, here they are:

  • Instagram  | Android  | Google Play Store,  Free
  • Instagram  | iOS  | iTunes App Store,  Free

Ok, we concluded with this post. Were you able to solve your problems with Instagram stories and videos that are not uploaded?

For any doubt, question or comment, leave a comment at the end of the article and I will help you in a more precise way.

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  1. Hey Tarun,

    I’m having trouble uploading stories on my Android S7, as with a lot of other users it sounds like. Unless I’m posting a stored picture with no change, it will get stuck uploading. I’ve tried everything, with exception to downgrading my OS to Oreo. Please help Tarun. Thanks!


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