YouTube presents the new methods to earn more for Youtubers

Today YouTube the online video streaming platform has announced the new methods that will allow the most followed publishers to monetize the content they produce with an official post. The first of these tools gives the possibility – to the YouTubers with at least 100 thousand subscribers to the channel – to launch a premium subscription for 5 dollars a month.

YouTube users who decide to pay this fee will be able to access extra video or live streaming, use special emoji and more. The second option offers a showcase to sell merchandising directly under the videos (with images, prices and payment methods); where today it was only possible to publish a link that referred to the website.

The third called “premieres”, which will allow YouTube publishers to also use in the pre-recorded videos of the functions so far limited to live video. Among these, the most significant is the so-called super-chat, which allows users to pay a small fee to have their comment highlighted and more insight.

All these new features are the result of the scandals that hit YouTube in recent months and that forced the platform (as a result of the pressures of advertisers) to eliminate advertising from all the videos considered controversial (for violent, ambiguous or other content). Since then, many YouTubers have complained about the impossibility of monetizing their content thanks to advertising. These new tools will allow YouTube to keep the new strict rules in place, but will offer new revenue opportunities for YouTubers who have made video production their profession.

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