Instagram shopping: here’s how to do shopping from instagram

A new Instagram update introduces some new features dedicated to shopping on the app: here’s everything you need to know about changes.

On Instagram a new function dedicated to shopping has come: many news for lovers of online purchases and the social network dedicated to sharing videos and photos.

For some time now companies and brands have invested in communication via social networks to sponsor their products: on Instagram, various functions have been available for some time, allowing us to display advertisements tailored to us, to which we added (a few months ago) option for purchase directly from the stories.

The new update will bring with it several innovations regarding this function, with three new methods to discover and buy the items of our interest. The upgrade will coincide with Black Friday and the Christmas period: what better time to introduce these new specifications in view of offers and gifts? Here’s how it works.

Instagram Shopping: what changes

What changes with the new Instagram update dedicated to shopping? The new function works in a similar way to the saved items, but going to collect everything in a special and new section called Shopping Collection.

In practice, if browsing the various pages of the social we had to come across a product or an item of our interest, we can save it in the dedicated area: in this way you can review it later without having to resort to screen or other. To find the item saved later, we can consult the appropriate list directly from the sections of our personal profile.

Instagram has also thought about business profiles, with a new tab that will allow pro users to more clearly and quickly view the products concerned, which will also be accompanied by the price.

Even the videos that sponsor products to be sold will undergo an upgrade, where you can in fact consult a handy list always within the above list or proceed immediately to purchase.

It is clear that Instagram is aware of the potential of e-commerce on the platform and today seems to guarantee users, but first of all companies, an even better service: thanks to its growing popularity, especially among young people who prefer it to Facebook, the social could fundamentally change the way we shop online. More than I have done in the past.

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