The Xbox app from Microsoft has two different versionsstable, available for Windows,  iOS (iPhone) and Android computers, and a Beta, only for Windows and Android. It was released as a way to introduce new features and allow users to test them before implementing them in the final release.

While it’s simple to use, Xbox Beta is by nature a testing platform, and can be quite unstable. But if you want to test the new features firsthand, follow this tutorial and learn how to install it.

How to install the Xbox Beta app

1. On Windows

  1. Download and install the Xbox Beta app through the official link;
  2. Open the application and enter your Gamertag (your Xbox account).
    If your Windows account is online and the same as Gamertag, the login will be automatic.

And ready.

2. On Android

  1. Download and install the Xbox Beta app for your Android phone;
  2. When you open it for the first time, sign in with your Gamertag.
    If you use the Microsoft account linked to the Xbox in other services, the app will display the account. Select it.

And ready.

What are the differences between the normal Xbox app and Beta?

Essentially they are the same. Both Windows and Android display their games, their achievements (if you have an Xbox One, they will also show up) and those of your friends, your contact list, and a direct link to the Microsoft Store.

It offers an option for creating and searching groups, communities of players around a game or subject; you can create your own, and call your friends to join, or join the existing ones. On the Home screen, you’ll see a feed of your and your friends’ activities.

On Windows, the Xbox Beta app allows you to connect an Xbox One, enabling the streaming of games from the console to the computer, and gives you an option to manage your captures of images and videos, those made on your computer, and those present on Xbox One.

The main difference is that the Xbox Beta is a testing environment, which brings the news before they appear in the normal app. However, it can be very unstable, and you can install and use both versions at the same time, and use whatever you want when you want.


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