How to install and use the Xbox app in Windows

The Xbox app, available for WindowsiOS (iPhone) and Android computers, is a multifunctional tool that allows users to connect with their friends, check achievements, and follow games. In Windows 10, however, the application offers extra functions.

See in this tutorial how to install and use the Xbox app on Windows, and learn about the benefits it offers.

How to install the Xbox app on Windows

  1. Download and install the Xbox app through the official link;
  2. Open the application and enter your Gamertag (your Xbox account).
    If your Windows account is online and the same as Gamertag, the login will be automatic.

And ready.

What can I do in the Xbox for Windows app?

A lot of things.

From the first login, the main screen will display your installed games on your computer, your achievements (if you have an Xbox One, they will also be shown) and those of your friends, your contact list, and a direct link to the Microsoft Store.

As a social app, Xbox offers an option for creating and searching groups, which are communities of players around a game, or subject. You can either create a group, call your friends to join, or join existing groups.

On the Home screen, you’ll see a feed of your and your friends’ activities.

The advantages of the Xbox for Windows app are two. The first is that it allows you to connect an Xbox One to Windows in order to allow the streaming of games from the console to the computer. The second is that you can manage your captures of images and videos, both those made on the computer and those present on Xbox One.

Overall, the version of the Xbox for Windows app is much more complete than on mobile phones, where it is basically a software for managing contacts. On your computer, you can not only control all this, but also enjoy the games on your console at a second point, away from the TV.

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