Install APK Android: here is the complete guide

How to install APK files on Android. Complete and detailed guide to install Android APK. Installation APK smartphones and tablets Android: complete guide.

For several reasons you may need to install a .apk file on your smartphone or Android tablet. Here is the complete guide that explains how to do it.

Install Android APK: step by step guide

As you may know, there are various ways to install applications on Android: the simplest and safest is to open the Google Play Store and search for apps to download within the latter. Alternatively, you can go to third-party stores (like Aptoide, just to give an example), or you can resort to the manual installation of APK files.

If you do not have much experience with the green robot system and you need a hand to install applications found outside the Google Play Store, I can help you.

In fact, more than once, I received an email from Teknologya readers asking me how to install APK on Android, both smartphones and tablets. I generally answered everyone by pointing out the steps to follow, but I realized that many users, especially those who are only now approaching the Android world, need a detailed guide to install APK files on Android. 

So, to solve the problem at the root, I decided to publish and share with you a complete article that explains step by step how to install APK on Android smartphones and tablets. 

In this way, in case of need, all of you will have a clear, precise and detailed guide that will explain how to install APK on Android. 

Before proceeding with the guide, a small clarification.

What is an APK file for Android?

For those who do not know, remember that a .APK file is the extension of an application that can be installed on Android. In practice it is the equivalent of the Windows .exe format or Apple iPhone .ipa.

All apps that you download from the Android Play Store are in .APK format, but you do not see it because the apps are downloaded and installed directly from the Google Play Store.

But if you want to manually install programs and games on Android, you have to get the original file, which is in .APK format. Now that you have the file available, let’s see how to install it manually.

How to install APK on Android: complete guide

Now that we have seen what is an .APK file for Android , we are ready to see how to manually install this type of file on your smartphones and tablets.

If you have never manually installed a .APK file on Android, you must first go to Device Settings and look for the Security entry.

In general, the path to follow is:

Settings> Security (but may change from smartphone to smartphone, depending on manufacturer)

Once you have reached the security settings, look for the Unknown Sources item and activate it. In practice, you will not have to do anything else but move the selector or click on the box (depending on your smartphone) in order to activate the function. A message will appear that will warn you about the risks you will run if you activate the setting, but you ignore it, click ok and proceed.

Now you can install the APK file on your Android. But first, you will need a file manager to look for the .APK file you want to install on Android. In practice you need a program equivalent to Windows Explorer that allows you to search for the APK file, click on it and install it. Many smartphones from Samsung, Asus and other manufacturers already have pre-installed software of this type. So, if your smartphone already has a default installed file manager, you can use that. Otherwise, if you need a good file manager for Android, I recommend downloading the Asus “File Manager” program from the Play Store. It was created by Asus, it’s true, but it works on all Android smartphones or tablets, it’s free and works incredibly well. I’ve been using it for a long time and I think it’s one of the best file managers for Android. 

Of course, to install an APK file on Android, you must have this file. If you already have your APK file to install, copy it to your smartphone (internal or external memory is different, just remember that you have saved it as you will have to go and retrieve it with the File Manager).

Now you really have everything: you have a File Manager, you have the APK file, you have already copied it to your smartphone (internal or external memory does not matter). You are ready to install the APK file: open the File Manager, look for the APK file to install, click on it and then “install”.

At this point wait for the installation and choose whether to open the app or close the installation program.

Here we are: we have seen together how to install APK on Android. A guide that may seem long, but that does not steal more than 1-2 minutes. And, after the first time, I assure you that installing APK on Android will become a breeze.

Alternative to install APK automatically in series

Have you downloaded several apps in APK format and want to install them quickly on your Android device without having to open them one by one in the download folder? Then you can download the program APK Installer, a free app that allows you to install APK in series automatically avoiding to open all the apps individually. 

Its operation is very simple: after having downloaded, installed and started the program, click on the Install APKs button. In the screen that opens, put the check mark next to the icons of the APK packages to be installed (they are automatically collected from the download folder) and press the Install selected button

At this point the installation wizard for each of the selected apps will start automatically. Easy, fast and painless.


Before concluding, I would like to remind you to be careful about what you install manually on Android, because often the installation of .APK files that are taken or downloaded from untrustworthy sites could contain viruses and malware and, consequently, put at risk the security of all your personal data (photos, documents, credit cards, mail, password …). In other cases, these malicious. APK files may cause instability and malfunction of the Android device.

In short, it is always recommended to install applications only from the Google Play Store. If you manually install .APK files on your smartphone or tablet, do so at your own risk, knowing that you may encounter bugs, problems, instability and even worse and dangerous things for your safety.

See you next time! Do not hesitate to leave a comment at the end of the article for any doubt, question or problem.

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