What You Need To Know Before Installing APK On Your Android

Have you downloaded a file, program or game in APK format and are you ready to install it on Android? Here’s what you need to know before compromising your smartphone or tablet.

How to install APK files safely on Android

New day, new guide dedicated to Android users on the pages of Teknologya.

Today in particular we’re going to talk about the APK files, ie the installation files of applications, games and programs for Android that are easily found on the internet.

In fact, more and more users download apps, games and APK programs from the internet for free, especially when they do not want to pay for a specific application through the Play Store.

And so we turn to forums, blogs and more or less reliable sites where you can download APK files for free and in a few clicks.

Check if APK contains viruses

Before installing an APK file on your Android device, however, you should pay attention to some things, otherwise you risk to irreparably compromise the security of your Android smartphone and the data contained within you (which are your personal data).

It happened several times in the past that circulated APK files related to widespread games, such as Pokemon Go, but then turned out to be dangerous viruses and malware that steal the personal data of users.

If you have just downloaded an APK program, application or game for Android and you have obtained it by doing a normal search on Google, before proceeding with the installation I suggest you read this article to the end.

I will not reveal any particular secrets, but I will help you protect smartphones and data from APK files that are not really what they seem and they are going to install viruses or malware on your Android device.

That said, enough with the chatter and start with the tips on how to install APK files safely on Android. 

How do you make sure of the security of an APK file?

Unfortunately there is no absolute and certain way to understand if an APK file is safe or not.

But there are various types of checks that we can put in place to be a little quieter.

Here is our advice:

  • download APK files only from reliable sites and forums, such as MOBILISM or APKMIRROR. Do not limit yourself to a search on Google to find the APK file of your interest, but stay on known and reliable sites, where there are perhaps various comments from other users that confirm the correct operation of the file
  • denies the app the unnecessary permissions to the operation. There are some apps and programs that require absurd permissions, which in reality do not serve for proper functioning: in this case, only allow the strictly necessary permissions
  • do not grant administrator privileges to these apps even if they request it (unless you know the app asking them well and you’re not sure they actually do)
  • try to scan the APK file on Virustotal, although often this site finds many false positives and therefore is not 100% reliable. Alternatively you can try Metadefender, which works very similarly

Where to download secure APKs? The best sites to download APK Android for free

The sites that allow you to download APK files for free are hundreds across the web.

Honestly, I recommend these two:

  • MOBILISM: it’s a free forum, requires registration. Inside you can find all the Android apps that are usually paid on the Play Store, find all the games that are normally paid and also all the best games with active tricks to have endless lives and unlimited money. It’s definitely the best: always up-to-date, 100% secure files and allows you to download everything for free on your Android device. I use it for years, never had a problem. The best to download free Android App
  • APKMIRROR: It is the best if you need to download and install APK files of applications, games and programs that are free on the Play Store. It’s 100% safe, totally free and inside you can find all the APK files you want, but ONLY apps that are already free.

I do not think that other secure sites are needed from which to download APK: these are the best and within them you will find everything you are looking for. Needless to waste time on other different and perhaps unsafe sites.

If you download APK files from these two sites, you’ll never have problems. 

How to install APK files safely

By following these instructions you will be able to install APK files safely on Android. 

As anticipated, this is not information or secret guides, but simply important information to keep in mind when downloading and installing APK files on your Android smartphone.

I, in 9 years of Android, I have never downloaded and installed viruses or malware on my smartphone. So these tips seem to me really useful.

The most important thing is to always rely on reliable sources and not download APK files from the first site that Google offers us.

Eyes open, ALWAYS!


I hope this article has helped you discover some useful tools to stay safe when you want to download and install APK from external sources on your Android device.

This article is everything for this article.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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