Install apps and games in IPA format on iPhone without Jailbreak

Do you want to install paid apps for free in iOS (iPhone and iPad) without Jailbreak? Here is the updated guide to 2018 to install programs on iPhone for free without Jailbreak

New day, new guide dedicated to owners of smartphones and tablets, then iPhone and iPad.

Today in particular we will see how to install apps, games and programs in IPA format on iOS (iPhone and iPad) without Jailbreak. 

Free apps on the iPhone without Jailbreak: here’s how!

The nice thing is that all this works in a really simple, easy, immediate, intuitive and above all allows you to install the paid apps for free on your iPhone and iPad. 

Yes, you understand: with our guide will be able to install on iPhone and iPad all those apps that are usually bought and paid regularly!

Do not you believe it?

No problem! Let’s start with the guide and in a few minutes you can fill your iPhone or iPad with apps, games and paid programs totally free and without Jailbreak. 

Download and install apps, games, programs and IPA on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak

Let us not lose time in chatter, pass to the action immediately!

vShare without Jailbreak – Guide 1

For our guide we will use VSHARE, a method now tested by millions of users all over the world that will allow you to have all the apps you want on your iPhone, of course in free and without Jailbreak. 

Step 1. Open Safari on iPhone or iPad, type or go to this link

Step 2. Now click on Download (Unjailbroken).

Step 3. A warning message about SSL “ that wants to install vShare” will appear on your smartphone. Click on Install

Step 4. Now press the Home button on the iPhone or iPad. You will see vShare installed

Step 5. When the installation is complete, click on vShare and another alert message will appear. Click on “Trust” to continue

Step 6. Now vShare will open. You can start searching, downloading and installing all the apps you want FREE!

Nothing could be simpler, right?

Tutu Helper without Jailbreak – Guide 2

If for any reason the previous guide did not work or you did not feel well, no problem.

Here is an immediate alternative to download and install for free on iPhone and iPad all the apps you want without Jailbreak. 

Step 1. Go to this link to download and install the app on your iPhone

Step 2. When the page opens, you will now see two options: ‘VIP’ and ‘Regular’. Click on ‘Regular’ to download the app

Step 3. When the installation is complete, start the app. The ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ error message will appear. No problem: follow the directions to the next step to proceed

Step 4. Go to iPhone Settings> General> Profile and Device Management> Winner Media Co., Ltd and click on ‘Trust’ to proceed

Step 5. At this point you can start the app, search for programs, games and everything that interests you and you can download it for free in one click on your iPhone or iPad without Jailbreak. 

Easy, right?


We have concluded with this guide updated in August 2018 to download and install all the apps you want on your iPhone or iPad for free without Jailbreak. 

There are many other alternative solutions, of course, but these are the fastest, easiest and definitely working at the moment.

For any doubt or question, please leave a comment at the end of the article. We will reply as soon as possible.

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