If a person sees my Stories “of WhatsApp, does that mean he has my phone number saved in the phonebook? We answer this new question on WhatsApp

New day, new article dedicated to  WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app used by millions of people all over the world.

Today, in particular, we are going to answer a big question that afflicts various users around the web, which is why I decided to publish an article to respond to everyone in an official way.


WhatsApp Stories, who sees them? WhatsApp stories, visible to whom? WhatsApp Stories Who Displays? Who can see them? Who looks at them?

The doubt is as follows: if a person sees my Stories published on WhatsApp, does that mean he saved my phone number in the phone book?


Without too many turns of words, the answer is YES.

If you notice that a particular person has seen your WhatsApp Stories (also known as WhatsApp Status Updates), it necessarily means that person has your number saved in his address book. 

In fact, to date, it is not possible to contact someone on WhatsApp without first having saved their number in the phone book.

So if you notice that a person sees your WhatsApp Stories or your WhatsApp status updates, this person has your number in their address book.

All clear?

WhatsApp stories visible to whom?

The Stories or Status Updates you publish on WhatsApp are visible to all your contacts who in turn have saved your number in the address book. 

It can also happen that your WhatsApp Stories are seen by people you have not saved in your phonebook: this is because they have saved your phone number in their phonebook, but you do not.

In this case, if you do not like other people to see your WhatsApp Stories, you can block them.

Below I’ll explain how to do it.

Block person or contact on WhatsApp: here’s how

If you’ve found out that someone sees your WhatsApp Stories and Updates, but you do not want to allow it, the only thing you can do is block that person on WhatsApp. 

Click on your profile picture of WhatsApp and block the contact.

This way the person can no longer see your WhatsApp Stories or Status Updates. 

Simple and fast, no?

See WhatsApp Stories without being seen

You can not watch or see WhatsApp Stories or WhatsApp Status Updates without being seen or anonymously. 

WhatsApp in fact ties to a person’s phone number.

If you look at a contact’s WhatsApp Stories, they will know that you have seen them as they will see your number or your name (if it has saved you in the phonebook).

The only way to see or watch WhatsApp Stories anonymously is to borrow the phone of any other person who maybe does not look as much as you.

There are no alternatives to display WhatsApp Stories without being seen.


For this article on WhatsApp we have concluded.

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