5 Amazing Upcoming Smartphone Features in 2019

2017 was the year of stability for smartphones, 2018 has seen a number of refinement and technology but 2019 will be the year of revolution with different functions that will become accessible to all smartphones and some that we will see only in the top of the range.

In fact, next year will certainly see many technologies seen only on some devices in production and others on prototypes that have not yet seen the light. Next year for smartphones will be more voted on the borderless and other technologies that we list below:

Goodbye notch

The annoying and unaesthetic notch, in notch slang, will make room for more linear devices with camera, case and various sensors hidden under the display or in another position. All will have to adapt to the new extreme desing and even Apple in 2019 has in anticipation of presenting devices with an extreme design without notch, which should remain a distant memory (… of 2018).


Smartphones with increasingly thin edges of the display, on top devices we will see several “full display” without borders anywhere. Very thin edges and in some cases completely absent on all 4 sides. Increasingly large displays thanks to the reduced edges to the bone.

Retractable cameras

To facilitate borderless design the front camera will “disappear” into the body and will only be activated via software or with a manual control on it. Vivo and other producers have already moved towards this solution and even some top producers, are ready to adopt it, perhaps trying to hide it under the display.

Fingerprint reader under the display

Vivo and Huawei have already tried, even if the technology of hiding the fingerprint reader below the display does not seem so forward. But if giants like Samsung and Apple want to push, and 2019 is the right year, this technology, perhaps by the end of next year (which said iPhone XII or iPhone 11) could become perfect to be integrated under all the displays.

Wireless charging for everyone

Finally the wireless charging, even the fast one, should be integrated on all smartphones, even the low-end ones will have wireless charging. We can recharge the battery of our smartphone without using cables but practical bases that through the induction will recharge the battery in a short time.

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