Where is the backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive? How to read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive? How to view WhatsApp backup on Google Drive?

New day, new article dedicated to WhatsApp, the famous instant messaging app used by millions of people all over the world.

Today, in particular, we will go to see where is the backup on WhatsApp on Google Drive, how to view it and how to read it.

In short, we will try to answer all the questions related to the backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive. 

WhatsApp, the backup of the chat becomes free on Google Drive

First of all, if you do not know it yet, I remind you that starting from November 12th all backups of WhatsApp conversations saved on Google Drive will not occupy space in the service.

Thanks to an agreement between Google and the same WhatsApp, the backup of conversations on Google Drive will become “free” from 12 November 2018.

This means that those who use an Android device and want to save all the chats on their Google Drive account can do so without consuming the remaining storage space on the service.

The user will then have unlimited space on Google Drive for their WhatsApp conversations.

And this reason should be enough to push you to use Google Drive to backup your WhatsApp chats.

NOTE: the same will not happen on the iOS terminals. iPhones store WhatsApp backups within iCloud, taking up some of the remaining space in Apple’s cloud storage service if you enable the feature.

On Android, however, starting November 12, 2018 will be possible to save any type of content shared on WhatsApp without eroding the space on Google Drive.

View WhatsApp Google Drive backup

If you have already enabled the backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive or you intend to do so, you must know that even if your WhatsApp data will be saved on Google Drive, you will not be able to see that.

In fact, all the WhatsApp chats are saved on your WhatsApp space, but they are made invisible and inaccessible to everyone, even you. All this is of course to protect your privacy. 

So it is useless to try to open Google Drive and search for WhatsApp chats because you will not find them.

The files are all encrypted and hidden, inaccessible to anyone, even those who have activated the backup.

These files can only be used for a restore on your smartphone, but you will not be able to read WhatsApp chats and conversations stored in the Google Drive backup. 

If you try to open your Google Drive, you will not see any folder dedicated to WhatsApp. This is because, as anticipated, all files are hidden and encrypted.

Download WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

Obviously, there is no way to download your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. You can only delete or delete it, but you will not be able to download or view it.

Or better: you can download your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive only when you want to restore it to a new smartphone. And anyway the procedure will be automatic, you will not have to (and can not) make any changes.

Read WhatsApp backup on Google Drive

But where is the backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive? 

Obviously, this backup is saved somewhere, but you can not access this “secret place”.

The only thing you can do to see the backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive is:

  • go HERE
  • click on the gear at the top right and click on Settings
  • then click on “Manage applications” on the right
  • search for WhatsApp

As you can see, you can only delete the backup, but you will not be able to open it, view it, read it or download it. 

Restore WhatsApp Google Drive backup

Once you’ve backed up WhatsApp on Google Drive, restoring it is easy.

Simply install WhatsApp from scratch on a new smartphone or simply uninstall WhatsApp from your phone.

When you first start, after verifying your phone number and your name, WhatsApp will propose to restore your backup from Google Drive.

Everything will be automatic: you will not have to do anything, except wait for WhatsApp to download all the files from Google Drive and bring them back to your phone. 

Backup WhatsApp Google Drive how much time does it takes?

Unfortunately, backing up WhatsApp on Google Drive can take a long time. It is difficult to estimate it because it depends on many factors:

  • how much multimedia files do you have on your smartphone
  • when your smartphone is powerful
  • how fast is your internet connection
  • if you’re backing up for the first time or it’s just an update.

To give you an example, in my case a backup of 150 MB required 4 minutes with fiber or 15 minutes with ADSL 20 mega.

If you have slow internet, however, as a result, the backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive will be slow, there is little to do.

View WhatsApp backup on Drive – Conclusions

For this article on WhatsApp we have concluded.

For any questions or concerns, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As we have seen, unfortunately to date there is no way to access the backup of WhatsApp on Google Drive. We hope that in the future, simple ways to view, read or download the WhatsApp backup stored on Drive are made available.

In the case we will update the article, but for now it’s all.


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