Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source content management systems based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress was first set up for bloggers and is now used to build websites Whether they are large or small. It is now the largest self-hosting website building tool in the world. WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 74 million+ websites.

There are plenty of well-designed themes, paid and free, which saves yours plenty of time which you give on in CSS to design the styling of your site and it also gives you the choice of customizing the existing theme according to your requirement.

If you want more styling in your website’s appearance than you can also add your own CSS to the existing theme. It is super flexible and can be extended by using a lot of plugins. Just like themes, there are 29,000+ free and premium plugins available for you to use.

Not only these plugins can add extra functionality to WordPress, there are lots of plugins which can add a whole new platform to your WordPress site.

Why is it useful?

  • and is an open source software.
  • You can upload Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS software to the web site server, this means you have total control of every element of the site.
  • If you get a Web designer or web developer to upload software to your server they can then add in extra software to suit your business needs.
  • You can build extremely attractive creative sites with Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS
  • It has a very effective search engine optimisation element to it and performs well with search engines browsers.
  • It is easy to use and you can update it according to your business requirements.

What to choose from and

WordPress.Org and both are content management systems which are managed by WordPress Foundation. WordPress Foundation gives you two choices to start with your first website.

If you want to create a website only to write to write a blog and you don’t have much intention to earn money from your blogs then you can move to It’s absolutely free you just have to pay if you want to buy any external service.

But it gives just a few of templates for Blogging site and you can use only a few of Plugins. and you There is a high risk of loss of your data while using

As WordPress may break your blogging site anytime without giving you any notice if it gets to think that you are violating WordPress’ Terms and conditions. So it is a good choice for you.

Now Lets talk about

If you own your business and you want to give a boom to your business. Then I’ll suggest you create your website using It gives you full control on your website or in other words you can self-host your website. It gives you thousands of plugins and themes to give your website desired look.

For it, you just want your Domain and Hosting service and you need to install WordPress engine. After that, you can start to work on your Website using WordPress.

You can also read our step by step guide to creating a WordPress site.

I hope it has cleared your all doubts about Introduction to WordPress but if you still have any issues or suggestions then feel free to leave a comment in our comment box.

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