How to Disable Widgets in WordPress

Do you want to disable Widgets which are not useful for you anymore? The widgets screen in WordPress shows you the widgets which you can add to your theme. The matter is that too many widgets may muddle your screen, and you don’t need all of them. In this article, we are going to tell you the ways to disable widgets in WordPress for your muddle free widget experience.

Why Disable Widgets in WordPress?

Widgets area in WordPress is the area in which you can add your specific widget to perform a specific function. WordPress comes with many default widgets of its own, but you can add other WordPress Plugins also according to your need.

You can see all of these widgets in Appearances > Widgets screen. However, you’ll notice that there a lot of widgets which you don’t have any need but still they are using your widgets area.

If you’re victimization plugins that conjointly add their own widgets, then shortly the widgets screen are going to be a large mess creating it troublesome to find the widgets you truly need to use.

Let’s see the way to simply stop working the widgets screen by disabling unwanted widgets on your WordPress site.

Disable Unwanted Widgets in WordPress

For Disabling Widgets, here we are going to use a plugin called WP Widget Disable. You can download it from Plugins > Add New. If it shows some error then you can download it manually from its official link. The first thing you need to do is Install this Plugin and activate it.

After activating this plugin, Go to Appearance > Disable Widgets page to change its settings according to your need.

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Disable widgets settings

The settings page gives you two setting options. At first, it gives you sidebar widgets that you just need to disable. Now check the widgets which you don’t want to see in your widgets area. And at last click on the save button.

Now you can go to Appearance > Widgets to look at the difference. All of the widgets which you chose have been disabled from your Widget Area. If you have disabled any widget by mistake but you still want that. Then you don’t have any need to get worried just repeat the same process and uncheck that particular widget. And at last hit the save button.

Normally, You can clean up your dashboard by unchecking the screen option but it is just for a short time. However, doing this can permit you and alternative users on your website to easily click on screen options button and show those widgets once more. But WP widget disable plugin allows you to hide the unwanted widgets from your WordPress site’s dashboard.

If you want to hide Widget Options from your dashboard then go to Appearance > Disable Widgets and chose it’s another setting which is Dashboard Widgets.

Now check the unwanted widgets and click on save button.

Now you can visit your Dashboard to look at the result of action which you just did.

You will notice that the widgets you chose to get rid of are not any longer visible on the dashboard or within screen options menu.

We hope that this article helped you to learn how to disable unwanted widgets from your WordPress Site.

If you still have any issues regarding our article how to disable widgets in WordPress Site, then feel free to leave your comment in our comment box.

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