iOS 12 ends possibility of using GrayKey to unlock iPhone and iPad even with active lock. Apple now closes the door to hackers and government agencies wanting to break into their devices

iOS 12 blocks use of GrayKey for iPhone and iPad iCloud unlocking

With iOS 12 it will not be possible to use GrayKey to access iPhone and iPad without a password

Apple with iOS 12 has introduced many new features and among these the block from the use of the famous GrayKey, which for a figure around 20,000 dollars, allows you to access an iPhone or iPad blocked.

The GrayKey is a professional tool that allows you to unlock any type of Apple smartphone and tablet through an attack on security systems and barriers raised by Apple.

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The iCloud block is one of the most powerful tools ever created that allows you to lock a device if you do not have the password of the account linked to the iPhone and although according to Apple, this block is impenetrable, hackers around the world they already have the task to get around the iCloud block.

The small box is very powerful and once connected to the iPhone GrayKey, in about 2-3 minutes will extract the entire FileSystem and then you can disconnect the iPhone from the box and from there will start the search for the unlock code via Brute Force.

Now with iOS 12, however, all this is no longer possible because Apple has closed all doors and if the GrayKey will also be used on the latest devices, the team will have to upgrade the box to still allow access to iPhone and iPad.


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