Is it possible to unlock iPhone with iCloud block?

I often read on Internet questions such as “Can I bypass the iCloud Block on iPhone?”, “Remove iPhone’s iCloud Block” and other similar questions. Let’s find out if it’s possible

Bypass the iCloud block is possible

The iCloud block is one of the most powerful tools ever created that allows you to lock a device if you do not have the password of the account linked to the iPhone and although according to Apple, this block is impenetrable, hackers around the world they already have the task to get around the iCloud block.

On the web there are sites, services and programs that boast the ability to unlock an iPhone, but also a MAC paying and ensuring that this is easy and for all devices on the market.

Unfortunately at the moment the only way to unlock an iPhone with the iCloud block is to replace the logic board or rely on one of the powerful software and hardware such as  GrayKey that allows you to bypass this block and unlock the iPhone using the Brute Force technique.

The true limit of GrayKey is the cost, over 100 thousand dollars (there are also less expensive and limited versions), and although it is small, a small rectangle 5 cm high and a 10×10 in size, as once connected the iPhone, or even two, to the device, will start the extraction of the entire FileSystem and try to unhinge it inserting all the possible codes.

The small box is very powerful and once connected to the iPhone GrayKey, in about 2-3 minutes will extract the entire FileSystem and then you can disconnect the iPhone from the box and from there will start the search for the unlock code via Brute Force.

The “unlock” time is variable because the unlock code of the iPhone and other Apple devices varies from a code with 4 characters, where it will take about 3 days, up to 6 characters, with a much higher unlock time.

At the moment as the GrayKey blocks the attempts to count the errors is not known, but it seems that through a kind of jailbreak, the system prevents Apple from counting errors and then try again and again.

How to protect yourself

You can also protect yourself from this kind of attacks by activating the option that after 10 consecutive unsuccessful attempts, the device is initialized. To do this you must go to Settings -> Touch ID and Code and activate the Initialize data option.

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