iPhone updated to iOS 12 have a bug in new version related to recharging phone. Here are the things to know and how to solve.

The new iPhone is not recharged: this is the dramatic alarm that in recent hours is tormenting some owners of the latest arrivals at AppleiPhone Xs and Xs Max, but not only. The problem is as simple as it is worrying: once put into charge through the lightning cable the device will not give way to the usual process of energy supply. By connecting the phone in standby mode (to be clear, with the screen off and locked), there would be no charging signal. By putting it into charge on the active screen, on the contrary, no problems are found and the mystery thickens.

iPhone problem that does not load: it’s charging

The reports are varied and currently elaborating an estimate of the number of models involved seems rather complicated. There are those who find a total freeze of the device as soon as connected to the charging connector, who can start the process only after touching the screen or who does not find any symptoms of this type, then finding himself with the dry battery.

A bad surprise for those who wake up, found his iPhone, left in office the night before, dead and unable to face the day just begun. To alert the web some Apple users who, finding anomalies, have in a few hours spread the news on Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, also discussing in the official Apple forum about the charging problem.

Is it a bug of iOS 12? No answer from Apple yet

From Cupertino have not yet arrived explanations about this bug, which would seem to be limited to the software part, putting under the magnifying glass the latest iOS 12. To reinforce this hypothesis, in fact, are reports from owners of the old generation iPhone that after installing the update are experiencing the same problem in these hours. What do you think? Have you found this malfunction by charging your iPhone?


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