iOS 12 vs Android P: what is the best? New features compared

Apple and Google have presented iOS 12 and Android 9 P: here’s how they will be, the new features and what is the best update of the year.

iOS and Android are two completely different worlds and comparing them can be risky. But since both Apple and Google have launched the first versions of iOS 12 and Android 9 P, and since both will come out in the fall, a comparison of the two new updates can be useful to make a summary of their most interesting features and to discover if the iPhone and iPad devices with the most innovative and performing operating system will be.

We will have to wait for the final release to learn about all the features and differences of the two OS, but the information we have so far are enough to make early predictions and say which is better between iOS and Android 12 P.

iOS 12 vs Android P: notch and gesture

Let’s start with the notch and gesture, which will also be supported by Android P as well as iOS 12.

Both features are now associated with the iPhone X, which made them popular although it was not the first device on which they appeared (remember the Essential Phone and, even earlier, WebOS developed by Palm in 2009). This makes Apple the obvious winner of our first comparison.

However, we expect the features to be used on Android P differently. We know for example that, despite the gesture, Android P can still count on a back key, or that the notch will be supported even in different positions from the central one.

iOS 12 vs Android P | Siri vs Google Assistant

Siri on iOS 12 will be able to predict your needs through the app called Shortcuts, which will allow you to start a certain routine when you say certain words.
For example, “I’m coming home” can start a routine that sends a message to your wife, sets up your favorite radio station and suggests the least busy way.

Google Assistant, on the other hand, is able to do even more: not only already uses routines, but will also be equipped with six new items and can handle the questions and orders even if all done together.
Google, which is trying to make his assistant more human and able to support small conversations, wins this duel.

iOS 12 vs Android P | Messages

Apple’s iMessage is definitely ahead, with its animoji, peer-to-peer payments, video calls, the ability to text over wi-fi with other users and the ability to send text messages from iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The Google fee is dispersive, divided among a thousand applications, such as Hangouts, Android Messages and Google Duo, which, moreover, often can not be used on different devices.

iOS 12 vs Android P | Augmented reality

iOS will have a new multiplayer feature that will allow users to interact with each other simultaneously in the same augmented reality. For example, you can build something with Lego together or play ping pong.
Even Google will have this feature on Android P, but thanks to Cloud Anchors will allow you to do even better: in fact, it will allow access not only to Android devices but also to the iPhone.
Android P, thanks to this feature in line with Google’s mentality of the greatest possible accessibility, wins the hand.

iOS 12 vs Android P |Face unlock and Maps

The face unlock (safe unlocking through facial recognition) is synonymous with Apple, also seen the supremacy of the iPhone X as regards the front camera in 3D.

The Android version is less reliable, except for the version of iris recognition on the Galaxy S9, but is available only on (some) Samsung devices.

As for Maps, Apple is useful to get to your destination, but does not integrate to the suggested route the amount of information you can choose to use on Google Maps.

iOS 12 vs Android P | Manage smartphone addiction

Both operating systems will also integrate features that will help you manage your smartphone addiction, helping you sleep or knowing the amount of time you spend on your device.

On iOS 12, the Do Not Disturb mode will disable most of the notifications, you will be able to control how much you use the phone through weekly reports and set a limit of access hours for each app.

On Android P the Wind Down feature will decrease the intensity of the colors of your smartphone during sleep hours, you will have access to a dashboard to see how much you use each app, to which you can also assign limits you use, and you can set the mode do not disturb by putting the phone face down.

These features make the two operating systems equally competitive.

iOS 12 vs Android P | Which is the best?

We will not be sure which OS is the best until we can use them, but for now Google would seem a slight advantage, especially thanks to the voice assistant and augmented reality function that can also be used by Apple users.

Waiting to learn more, however, the game is still open.

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