5 best War Games 2018 for Android

The war games are the most popular ones after football and cars, and today you can find many military shooter free games and is in the app store or online on flash game sites. Being able to find the best war games without paying is not easy for several reasons.

The main problem of free war games lies in the quality of the Gameplay: playing a shooter through a mobile device is not easy and the game must be well structured so as not to be too unnerving.

Especially when talking about military war games in the first person, more and more often we find ourselves playing with apps that fail to follow precisely the movements of our fingers on the display.

Another difficulty lies in the fact that they are more often online and happen to find, when playing with multiplayer, people who use tricks and hacks to succeed in winning or buying the most powerful weapons in the game.

On the other side there are all those people who do not appreciate online games and would like to enjoy a solo campaign and run missions without having to be connected to the internet.

So the question arises: what are the war games that can satisfy all tastes?

We have selected those who are in our opinion the 5 best free war games of 2018 that give the possibility both to play online and in single player.

1. World War Heroes

World War Heroes is a game set during the Second World War. Unlike many other games, this app offers 7 modes including the classic DeathMatch and Bomba and one in which the player creates the rules of the game.

This is an FPS, which is a first person shooter. The graphics are very accurate and the game has no obvious bugs: it is fun and engaging above all thanks to the personalization of the character. There are more than fifty weapons available in the arsenal and five different types of tanks depending on nationality.

The game can be downloaded for free directly from Google Play

2. Brothers in Arms 3

If you have grown up playing on the PC or with Playstation and Xbox this game will be able to bring you back in time. In fact, we remember that Brothers in Arms was very successful when it came out in 2005 proposing not only a very well-cared first-person shooter, but also a story that could touch the hearts of the players.

This app tries to revive the old game but enhancing the online mode that offers 4 different maps and two modes: Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

The game is very frenetic but at the same time takes up the strategic traits of its predecessors for consoles and PCs proposing different types of missions: Assault, Sniper, Siege and Invisible.

For all those who do not like to play online, Brothers in Arms also offers a single player mode in which you will play Sergeant Wright departing for Normandy.
The graphic style is not too realistic but it is still very detailed as well as the animations and the settings. This too, like the original, is set during the Second World War.

Brothers in Arms 3 can be downloaded for free from Google Play

3. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is one of the most acclaimed first-person shooters in the world of smartphone war games. It combines a well-managed and well-managed online mode with detailed graphics.

Even the campaign for single player turns out to be quite definite even if, obviously, the plot is not the best.

The game offers no less than 9 classes of characters different from each other with unique abilities. It is possible to level up every single class to be able to unlock new skills.

Unlike the titles listed above, Modern Combat is placed in the modern era during an imaginary war.

You can install the game for free using Google Play

4. Frontline Commando

Another game set during the Second World War is Frontline Commando, a first person shooter that tries to remain as faithful as possible to the story by proposing missions in places where they fought real battles.

The graphics are not very detailed, but the animations are quite accurate.

You can download Frontline Commando for free on Google Play

5. NOVA Legacy

In the style of Modern Combat but with a science-fiction setting we also offer NOVA Legacy: another first-person shooter very nice.

This game offers several modes including Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch in addition to the single player campaign.
In Story mode you will play Kal Wardin, a space soldier forced to protect the various colonies of the earth from alien attacks. Kal, accompanied by Yelena, his virtual assistant, will find himself in spite of himself to be the only person able to save humanity.

Enclosed in just 20Mb of space, NOVA Legacy sacrifices just the animations and the graphic quality to offer a game compatible with less modern devices.

You can install the app for free from Google Play

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