iOS 13 introduces dark Mode, Here is how it works and what changes

iOS 13 is coming and there is no lack of news: among these, the new Dark Mode, which will allow you to activate the dark mode on the iPhone. Here’s how it works and what changes.

iOS 13 introduces dark Mode, Here is how it works and what changes
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The Dark Mode on iPhone is one of the main innovations introduced by iOS 13, which will reach users in the coming months, and which will enable the much desired dark mode on Apple mobile devices. But how does it work and what changes in practice?

To know this we will obviously have to wait for the official debut of iOS 13, which after the official presentation on the WWDC 2019 stage will arrive on all iPhone by September 2019, coinciding with the official launch of iPhone 11. The Dark Mode of iOS 13 will allow us to use iPhone and iPad in a way never seen before, in line with what has already been applied by rival Android on its devices. Here’s all you need to know.

iOS 13 Dark Mode: how it works

The concept of Dark Mode is simple: applying a dark theme for a social network (such as Twitter or WhatsApp ) or for a specific operating system or browser (like the dark theme recently available on Google Chrome) allows you to view some usual screens in a different way, with windows and themes completely turned to black.

What is it for? First of all to protect your eyes: iOS is an operating system that opts for very light and bright colors, which at night tend to strain your eyes. A dark mode was already requested by Apple users, who for the moment had to settle for the various apps that support the valuable function.

Precisely for this reason it is important to point out that the Dark Mode on the iPhone will not apply to all installed apps, but only in the menus and in the various editing windows.

The screens released by 9to5Mac show how the dark mode will apply to all screens of the new iOS 13: messages, gallery, screen interface and much more. How do you activate it? The Dark Mode should be available within the settings or through a special widget inside the control center (a bit like when you need to activate the battery saver or the torch).

how dark mode works in iOS 13
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The Dark Mode on iOS 13, previewed thanks to 9to5Mac

In addition to this, the dark mode could make one of the Achilles heels of the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, or notch, less visible: the OLED screens, with total blacks (which do not activate the backlighting of the screens) will hide the much criticized notch even better.

In addition to helping eyesight, the iOS 13 Dark Mode will also extend battery life for OLED screens, helping users to arrive more easily at the end of the day.

Dark Mode on iPhone: the trick to having it with iOS 12

iOS 12 does not have a real Dark Mode, but can count on an alternative dark mode. Not a real dark theme, but rather an invert of the colors present that changes the white of iOS to black thanks to a negative effect.

If you are not particularly fond of the usual colors of your apps and love to change, waiting for the new update, you can proceed as follows:

  • open the iPhone “settings”;
  • click on “General”;
  • tap on “Accessibility” -> “Screen Adjustments”;
  • “Invert colors”.

Here you can choose between two options: smart color inversion allows you to take advantage of the negative effect only for the icons and for the screens in the app, and not for the photos, while color inversion applies the effect indiscriminately to all the apps. This is one of the best ways to take advantage of the Dark Mode effect while awaiting its official release.

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