Which iPad to choose? Guide to buying new Apple tablets: here are the differences and specifications compared to iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini. From the cheapest to the most expensive.
iPad Pro, Air and Mini: which to choose? Prices and specifications compared

iPad goes out of its way: Apple has introduced the new iPad Air 2019 and iPad Mini 5 that join the recent iPad Pro and the normal iPad. The tablets of the apple are now many and divided by characteristics and price ranges: many could find themselves undecided about which iPad to choose when buying.

The iPad line has evolved over time by dividing itself between more professional-oriented devices, such as the Pro line, and cheaper basic models, sold at a significantly lower cost. With the introduction of the new iPad Air and iPad Mini the compatibility of Apple Pencil is extended and extended to all the tablets of the apple currently available for sale.

Would you like to buy an iPad and don’t know which one to choose? Let’s see together the differences, characteristics and specifications of the entire range.

iPad Pro vs iPad Air: which one to choose?

Let’s start with the two most expensive and complete models, the top of the range iPad Pro, presented last October, and the new iPad Air 2019.

iPad Pro stands out from the other models due to its distinctive design: the new version has a design that renews the range, giving up so-called cornices in favor of full-screen displays. Compared to the Air 2019 and the other versions, the home button is removed here, and consequently the touch ID, in favor of the new release via Face ID: iPad Pro is able to recognize the face, supports the gestures and is available in two versions, one of 12.9 and the other of 11 inches (iPad Air 2019 instead reaches the classic 10.5 inches).

However, the screen of the two devices has one element in common: both, like the iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air, are Retina HD LEDs (with a higher resolution for iPad Pro, equal to 2732×2048). Both devices also take advantage of True Tone technology, which can adapt to all ambient light conditions.

iPad Pro also wins on performance, being aimed at the most professional users: the Bionic A12x chip guarantees the greatest calculation capabilities of the entire line, which stops at the normal A12. The Pro version is finally the only one compatible with the new second-generation Apple Pencil, featuring new controls and magnetic wireless charging (which allows it to attach to the iPad and recharge at the same time). For iPad Air, on the other hand, support for the excellent first-generation Apple Pencil remains.

The memory configuration also varies in this case: the Air stops at a maximum of 256 GB against the four variations available for the Pro version (64, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB).

iPad Mini 5 vs iPad Air and iPad: the differences

iPad Mini 5 is the smallest device in the tablet range from Apple, with its 7.9-inch screen and dimensions of 203.2 x 134.8 mm. Small and handy, but extremely powerful: the Mini version does not renounce to performance, in line with the Air version thanks to the A12 chip, the memory available up to 256 GB and Apple Pencil support.

The compatibility with the first generation stylus designed by Cupertino makes iPad Mini a truly captivating tool compared to its bigger brothers. Of course, given the small size iPad Mini has to give up the compatibility with Smart KeyBoards (present instead for iPad Pro and iPad Air) and settle for normal Bluetooth keyboards.

Detail also present on iPad, the most essential entry level device of the entire series. iPad is in fact economic and functional for more casual users who want to approach the apple iOS tablet: slightly less powerful, although they retain a respectable heart given by the A10 chip, iPad is always compatible with first generation Apple Pencil and has a 9.7 Inches Retina HD LED (slightly smaller than the Air). The memory cut, in this case, reaches up to 128 GB.

iPad, which to choose: comparative prices

The decisive factor in choosing an iPad is, of course, the price. Apple has now diversified its line trying to embrace more types of possible users, rethinking its offer for all budgets. If we also consider the fact that iPad Pro comes in a double version, there are 5 iPad models to choose from.

iPad, in its basic version, is available in 32 or 128 GB version at 329 dollars and 429 dollars (which is rounded off to 459 dollars 549 dollars in the Wi-Fi + LTE version).

Who wants a more updated model can opt for iPad Air 2019, which integrates better performance and the Smart KeyBoard (sold separately), starting from 499 Dollars (64 GB Wi-Fi). For the Pro version there is much more to spend: the list starts from 799 dollars for the 11 inch 64 GB version and 999 dollars for the 12.9 inch 64 GB.

The most expensive is iPad Pro 12.9 inch Wi-Fi + LTE with 1 TB of storage, which reaches 1899 Dollars.

The smaller iPad Mini 5 starts from 399 dollars for the 64 GB Wi-Fi version. To these costs there is to add the price of Apple Pencil, which is sold separately: the first generation version costs 99 dollars, while Apple Pencil 2 (compatible only with iPad Pro) reaches 129 dollars.


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