iPhone X screen problem: Apple repairs it for free

Is touch screen of your iPhone X not working or has problems? Do not panic, Apple is ready to replace the screen for free.

Your iPhone X has a problem with the touch screen and you do not know how to do it? Quiet, Apple repairs it for free: this is what officially announced by Cupertino, in a recent online statement, which recognizes the problems of functionality and responsiveness regarding the touchscreen of the expensive iPhone.

iPhone X was released just a year ago, replaced this year by the new models of the Xs/Xs Max and XR line, and is still on sale today in specialized stores and online stores. The model that introduced the notch with Face ID and Gesture, would seem to be subject to a problem encountered by many users and now also recognized by Apple.

The defect is relative to the screen, and in particular to the touchscreen, equipped with a very particular component destined to fail in some cases: let’s see specifically what it is and how to solve it.

iPhone X: faulty touch screen, how to do?

If you have a faulty iPhone X, you may have encountered this problem with the touchscreen of the latest generation of Apple devices: the display, or parts of it, may not respond at the touch or run intermittently ( causing a lot of flaws to users).

A problem not a little, that Apple has decided not to take lightly: the company informs its buyers in possession of an iPhone X, finding this annoying problem, the possibility of free replacement of the screen(regardless of the duration and expiry date of the guarantee).

The decision was made following the numerous reports of users in the forums and official support pages of Apple, in which many users complained about a defect that could not be an isolated case.

If you have encountered this problem with your iPhone X, do not panic: you can request a free replacement of the display at the nearest Apple Store or through one of the authorized official repair centers.

The device may be sent to service only in the original country of purchase, and if you have already repaired the iPhone previously at your expense (because of this problem) Apple is ready to reimburse the entire cost: just contact Apple and present the appropriate request.

Unfortunately there is no information about which iPhone X models are exactly affected by the flaw in question, such as a serial number list, but Apple provides this possibility to anyone who finds the problem (and is able to prove it).

For the replacement of the screen Apple emphasizes that the assistance will not cover any other damage that will affect the repair of iPhone X, such as a broken screen due to a fall, and that to avoid additional costs the problem must necessarily be resolved before the request.

The defect can be corrected within the three years of purchase of iPhone X, always remember to make a backup of your iPhone via iTunes or iCloud before sending it to service (in case of problems you will avoid the loss of data on the device).


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