Dark Mode in Android saves a lot of battery

Google at Dev Summit, announced that it is working on the Dark Mode to be activated on Android. The reason? Save a lot of battery on OLED and AMOLED displays

The Dark Mode of Android saves a lot of battery

Google is ready to bring the Dark Mode on Android because thanks to the dark tones of the whole operating system, from the menus, applications and more, on devices with OLED and AMOLED display, it allows you to save a lot of battery.

In fact, the most energy consumption is due to the display, which erodes a lot of charge, but thanks to the new OLED displayblacks tend to consume very little battery due to the properties of the OLED panel and thus activating the dark theme in many apps and menus, Android system is going to save a lot of battery.

It is Google itself that provides the display’s energy absorption data that would show how the white pixel consumes a lot compared to a black-colored pixel.

This is because in AMOLED and OLED, black pixels are turned off, and therefore do not consume energy, and that’s how Google is testing the dark mode, not only in applications like the recent Android Messages and News but also in menus and animations of Android.

In addition, Google is sending out the guidelines to all developers to activate the dark mode, to help all its users to increase battery life.

Do you like the dark theme? I honestly do not mind, but to see it anywhere I would say no, and still must be a deactivatable option.

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