How to do Manual Backup on Google Drive from Android

How to backup Android on Google Drive manually. Now you can do it without the ADB commands but from the Android menu

Now you can do Manual Backup on Google Drive from Android

Finally Google is activating the possibility to activate the manual Backup on Google Drive on Android smartphones and tablets.

At the moment the possibility was offered only to the most experienced by ADB commands, but through the reports that are read on the network, the button Now backs up, is materializing in the Android backup settings.

So that Google is activating the ability to make a manual backup of the entire operating system, from the app, to the files, photos and more on all Android devices and versions.

To activate and try the manual Backup function of Android on Google Drive you must go to Settings -> Backup -> Make backup now and select your Google Account.

You can save app data (then restore an app on another device), call history, contacts, even device settings, photos and videos, and text messages.

So finally Google decides to implement one of the features that were missing for some time on Android, while iOS has been working and working at best for some time.


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