The best mobile games for the end of 2018

The cold and winter are almost upon us: what’s better than grabbing our beloved smartphone and play games under a warm blanket?

The video game market on mobile is now in constant evolution and, almost every month offers a series of increasingly complex and well-kept products. By now, the video game on smartphones has become a very concrete slice of the sector, arriving to establish consoles and PCs for numbers and sales.

The best mobile games to try this winter

Although the touchscreen is not the easiest way to manage the controls of a video game, the products offered on these platforms are now very advanced and appear light years away from that banal Snake that was just a few years ago the maximum that you could play on a mobile phone.

In this article we will show you some of the titles that will mark the end of 2018, trying to cover a bit ‘all genres and possible tastes of gamers.

Badland Brawl

Let’s start this collection with Badland Brawl, followed by the relaxing Badland, but with a decidedly different gameplay. Despite the fact that the setting is in fact, this game favors the online game in the name of the frenzy of exciting mega-fights. Challenge your friends with your array of creatures, using bizarre skills to get the best out of a breathtaking battle!

After the first rather chaotic stages, however, Badland Brawl proves to be a very tactical game, so much so that the community has already made several video tutorials to learn how to play and become real professional players.

Badland Brawl, available for both Android and iOS, is very likely one of the new catchphrases for online video games: we’ll hear a lot of talk about it in the next few months!

Monster Hunter Stories

After the huge success of the Monster Hunter saga on consoles, the Japanese franchise also peeps on the mobile with Monster Hunter Stories.

This mobile spin-off is very different from the canonical series, putting you in the shoes of an adventurer who rides monsters in search of creatures to hunt and tame. While maintaining something of the atmosphere of console products, it remains a rather limited game and hardly comparable to them (just know that the fights are in shifts) but still quite enjoyable.

Monster Hunter Stories is available for iOS and Android.

Tesla VS Lovecraft

Available only on iOS, Tesla VS Lovecraft looks like an unusual and particularly catchy title. As is easy to guess from the game, it is a product that confronts the cosmic horrors of the famous writer Lovecraft all’ventore Tesla, equipped with electric weapons, will face hordes of terrifying zombies.

The game is presented as a shooter with a view from above with fine graphics, a simple title to play that gives you a lot of weapons to cope with a multitude of enemies. Tesla VS Lovecraft will not revolutionize the world of video games on mobile, but it is still a more than enjoyable product.

Pocket City

From the legendary Sim City to the more modern Cities: Skyline, there are always many gamers who dream of becoming mayors of an imaginary city. Pocket City is the umpteenth representative of this sub-genre of management and, although already available for several months, is a title that is gathering numerous fans. It is a real return to the origins: isometric visual clearly inspired by the classics, detailed micromanagement and a nice old-style graphics.

Can you cope with traffic problems, manage taxes carefully or intervene after terrible natural disasters? A relaxing game but not for this frivolous. The free version is offered with the presence of advertising: for just over $4.50 you can remove any type of banner or similar.

Old-School Runescape

Before World of Warcraft, in ancient times before MMOs became a global phenomenon, there was Runescape. The classic free-to-play MMO remains one of the most complex and detailed online universes to explore, with the ability to create your own hero from scratch, whether it’s a warrior, a magician or any class among those offered.

Old-School Runescape is the same game as its PC counterpart, preserving the mechanisms of the game as they were before 2007 (year from which the title has undergone a restyling little appreciated by gamers). Playable both from Android and iOS, this game is a real treat for nostalgic gamers.

Trigger Heroes

The roguelike is a genre of games that are experiencing a real renaissance in recent years. On mobile, however, so far have not broken as they should … perhaps because of control modes not well suited to the dynamics that offer.

Trigger Heroes presents itself as a product of this niche, with procedurally generated arenas and a graphic style reminiscent of videogames from the 1990s. In spite of graphics and frenetic rhythms, Trigger Heroes is a game that requires tactical acumen and a good dose of prudence to be mastered.

Available only for iOS.

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