We have selected some tricks for iPhone X that maybe you do not know and that instead are very useful to learn how to use the first full screen smartphone from Apple
13 iPhone X tricks to take advantage of iPhone X to the fullest 1

The best tricks to take advantage of iPhone X to the fullest

The new Apple iPhone X is not enjoying the success hoped for and complicit in a dizzying price drop the full-screen smartphone of the house of the bitten apple could boost sales at the beginning of 2018.

Spending almost $1000 for a revolutionary smartphone and then not exploiting it in every small part is not exactly the best but we have selected different tricks of iPhone X to do without the home button and use the better the various features built into iOS to get around the problem.

Tricks iPhone X [March 2018]

  1. Close app and return to Home Before clicking on the Home button and you were on the Home now just swipe up from the bottom to the top to go back to the home.
  2. Switch from one app to another with a simple horizontal slide in the home.
  3. Access the Control Center How to close the app and return to the home speech itself to access the Control Center with a swipe down from the top right corner and it will open quickly.
  4. If the phone rings, just “see” the smartphone to silence it.
  5. Accessing the Notification Center First access the Notification Center with a swipe down from the top left corner and it will open quickly.
  6. Multitasking Swipe from the bottom edge upwards without detaching the finger from the display until halfway up. Multitasking will appear by magic with all the apps open.
  7. Close app open in the background From multitasking you have to press on the app for a few seconds until the (-) button appears in the corner of each app and then simply press on – to close the app.
  8. Taking a screenshot To take a screenshot, press and hold the Standby and Volume Up keys together.
  9. To view the remaining percentage of the battery you have to slide from the upper left corner and then see the percentage of the battery in the notifications.
  10. Call up Siri, hold down the Standby key or say the classic Hey Siri.
  11. Call up Apple Pay Double-click on the Standby button
  12. The Face ID is deactivated when we browse the App Store so we will not buy App without wanting it.
  13. If the iPhone is on the table just tap on the display to turn it on.
  14. Turn off iPhone X or access SOS function Press the Volume Up and Standby buttons together.
  15. Forced reset Press the Volume Up key, then Volume Down and finally the Standby key (Power) all quickly.

To awaken iPhone X and control notifications without lifting the smartphone simply touch the screen.


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