Here is a little trick to turn Live Photos into GIFs with iOS 11. How to send and share Live Photo via WhatsApp by converting them to animated GIFs

How To Turn Live Photo In GIF in iOS 11 in Few Steps

Live Photo in GIF

Today I want to share with Teknologya readers a quick and easy guide that explains how to turn the iPhone’s Live Photo into a GIF format that can be shared on any social network like Facebook or any messaging app like WhatsApp.

As you well know, in fact, the iPhone Live Photos are much appreciated by Apple users as they are able to transform a classic static photo into a dynamic photo, in which a moment is recorded before and after the shot. This is a feature already seen on different Android devices, but with the latest versions of iOS has also arrived on the iPhone.

Too bad that the iPhone’s Live Photo can not be shared “as is” on any external platform or social network. The particular format in which the Live Photo are saved, in fact, is only compatible with Apple and iOS devices and this means, in a nutshell, that a Live Photo, when exported from the iPhone, is not played properly on non-Apple devices. 

If you also have an iPhone and you have taken a lot of Live Photo that now you want to share with friends, relatives and acquaintances, this guide will be for you, as it explains step by step how to turn the classic Live Photo of iOS in GIF, animated images that are very similar to Live Photo, but that are compatible with any smartphone, tablet, operating system, social network and web platform.

In short, if the Live Photo is exclusive to iPhone and iOS, GIFs are available to everyone. And in this way you can keep your images animated, while making them compatible with any other device.

Let’s not waste any more time and see how to convert and transform Live Photo into GIF to share and send them to WhatsApp or similar programs. 

How to turn Live Photos into GIF

Here are the simple steps to follow, without having to use third-party applications.

1. First of all you need to open the Photos app and select the Album section

2.You then have to select the “Live Photos” album

3. Now you have to open the Live Photo you want to  convert to animated GIF

4. Just swipe up the image and  select an effect for the animations. There are several effects available: Live is the standard effect for Live Photo, Loop is a GIF that is played continuously, Bounce is a GIF that goes back and forth with boomerang effect, Long Exposure instead turns the animated photo into a static but as if it had been taken with a slow shutter speed (and therefore a long period of aperture)

5. Once you have selected the desired effect, the photo will already be transformed into animated GIF and will be found in the album “Animations”, ready to be shared on any social network or web platform in one click.

NOTE: you can turn the newly created GIF into a Live Photo by following the same steps, but selecting the “Live” item in step 4. 

How to send iPhone Live Photos to WhatsApp and keep them on the go

Through this procedure, as promised, you can take the Live Photo taken with your iPhone and send them via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social network.

The person who will receive the photo will still see it animated even if it does not have an iPhone.

It is, therefore, a simple but convenient system to send live photos to all those who do not have the latest generation iPhone, or simply to those who do not have an iPhone and can not see the photos live in any other way .iphone


These are the simple steps you need to follow to make GIFs using your Live Photo taken with iPhone,  all without relying on external programs.

Easy, right?

Do not forget that for any doubt or question you can leave a comment at the end of the article , even if I’m pretty sure that this guide is rather simple and intuitive.


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