We are going to see how to leave a WhatsApp group without being noticed.

How many groups do you belong to? Do you want to leave a group without the participants knowing?  Unfortunately, this is not possible, but I offer you the solution to get rid of a group full of annoying notifications, follow these simple steps to stop receiving messages from a group of WhatsApp.

How to leave a group of WhatsApp without being discovered

Block notifications from a group on Whatsapp you want to leave to eliminate annoying notifications during the day.

Select the group you want to leave. For Android devices: click on the “Menu” button.

For iPhone devices: click on the “Info” button, and in this window select the form of the notifications.

If you want to forget this group, click directly on Silence. Or, you can choose the time you want to “exclude” this group, you will not receive any notification at the time you set up.

As we have already mentioned before, leaving a group discussion, without a message informing the other participants of your decision is not possible, the only solution is to disable the notifications, in this way you will continue to receive messages without notifications.

We have just seen how to leave a group WhatsApp without being discovered, if you’re interested below you can find another treat for Whatsapp.

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