How to leave a WhatsApp group without being noticed

On Whatsapp is coming a useful update to leave a group without the others noticing.

On Whatsapp, leaving a group without being noticed is not easy because the others would immediately notice. But things are about to change thanks to a new mode coming with a WhatsApp update.

To date, every time you leave a group chat, a notification appears immediately informing all the participants that you have left. This can be a problem, especially if it is family groups or friendships with which you do not have very close relationships: most of the time these chats expire in convulsive shares of images with writings or kittens and all you would like to be able to get out .

On the one hand, however, you feel obliged to stay that chat because you love the people inside them and you are afraid that there might be bad and on the other you would avoid having to answer questions like: “because you left the group ? “Or worse to be accused of being anti-social .

WhatsApp seems to have thought of this, putting in the pipeline for thenext update a new feature called “Vacation Mode” , which will really silence all conversations unwelcome.

The new feature will ensure a more relaxing use of WhatsApp, addressing all users who are fed up with being clogged with notifications and who wish to opt for a quiet digital detox. The update is under development and is likely to debut in the coming weeks on both iOS and Android (perhaps in Beta).

Here are all the details and how the new mode of Whatsapp will work.

WhatsApp groups: how the holiday mode works

The WhatsApp development team has been working on it for several months now, and now details are emerging on how the new option will work to receive less notifications on our smartphones.

Silencing groups is already possible, but how many times would we want to “take away the voice” to those group chats too harsh, that were going to clog our home always appearing always at the top of the list of conversations? Just this seems to have thought WhatsApp with the new update, which will offer a more free and smooth management of the chat allowing both to silence them (for real) and to keep them in order.

Such as? Taking advantage of a natural evolution of the “Archive Chat” option: the archiving function is already available, but with each new message received the conversation returns to appear in the home of WhatsApp (even if silenced). The Holiday mode of WhatsApp will allow you to permanently archive the conversation , even receiving other messages from the user or group stored.

A useful feature for those who do not want to be disturbed by group chats from which they would like to go out but on vacation decide to disconnect from work, or deliberately ignore an overly active group or a user too chatty: guaranteed privacy and a more relaxing user experience.

Whatsapp quieter

At “Holiday Mode” Whatsapp will also add another small upgrade: in silent mode , the application will stop indicating the number of notifications we are receiving (avoiding to find ourselves with dizzying red numbers above the conversation icon).

The mode will not apply to all the chats, but only to those that we deliberately decided to silence: the counter above the icon of the app will not take into account the conversations made silent by users, warning us only about the new messages of our interest .

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