Almost a year to go out ‘of the iPhone XI/2019, but already begin to leak rumor about how it will be and the likely features that Apple is working. The new iPhone XS and XS Max have not astounded the market and failed to drive sales of Apple, down sharply in 2018: as expensive as their predecessor, the current top of the range is just an update of the iPhone X A better fate has touched the iPhone XR, much more popular in the world thanks to its lower cost.

It is very likely that Apple is waiting for next autumn to present to the world the model that will have to beat the increasingly ruthless competition of Asian homes, Huawei and Samsung in the first place. Below we collect all the news on the iPhone 2019: release date, prices, specifications, features and news that will be updated as new details emerge.

iPhone 11, 2019: when it comes out and prices

Unlike the name (which for convenience we will call iPhone 11 or XI but at the moment is unknown), as regards the release we can be quite sure in saying that next year Apple will present the new iPhone in September, as of usual. This year iPhone XS, XS Max and XR were presented on September 12, so expect the announcement of new devices between 9 and 13 September 2019. Already the day after the keynote will leave the pre-orders on the Apple Store, and the exit in stores should then take place at the end of the month, with possible release at the end of October/beginning of November a special model (in 2017 it was ‘iPhone X, in 2018 the iPhone XR).

On the price front, it is likely that Apple will continue on the path of lowering costs started with the most affordable of the line up, the iPhone XR. According to some tech investors, moreover, the Cupertino company will have to reduce the prices of the iPhone if it wants to remain competitive.

iPhone 2019: features and news

With the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max Apple has made great strides in terms of chips, cameras and screen width, but there is always room for improvement.

iPhone XS vs iPhone X, what changes? Here are the differences

According to rumors, the iPhone 2019 will be the thinnest ever with a new OLED display with touch sensitivity inside. Regarding the design, let’s not expect a major redesign: it is much more likely that Apple will maintain the size and form factor of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR for its new generation iPhone, notch included (but it could shrink). This year it kept the LCD screen on one of the models in the lineup, the iPhone XR. The hope is that next year the OLED panel will feature all the new iPhone.

But the rumors about design do not end here: according to reports, Apple would be thinking of re-inserting a feature much loved and lost with the latest models, or the Touch IDPatently Apple suggests that the Tim Cook company has secretly filed a patent of the in-display Touch ID that would work together with the Face ID, for added security and convenience, on the next iPhone. This Touch ID would be very different from what users were used to: simultaneous verification with fingerprints and face is a winning solution and could end up making the iPhone an innovative identity document.

In addition, with iPhone 2019 without a 5G and a revolutionary design, the rebirth of Touch ID could by itself be the main feature that can reignite the interest of users.

Triple “magic” camera?

One of the most popular rumors about the next iPhone is the possibility that Apple opts for a photographic sector back with a triple camera. This rumor comes from the fact that in May 2018 the analyst of Deutsche Securities Jialin Lu claimed that Apple was designing a series of triple lens cameras for at least one of the iPhone models coming out in 2019. According to the analyst the triple-camera lens will offer advanced 3D detection and uses stereoscopic vision to greatly enhance the functionality of augmented reality on the iPhone. AR that in recent years has been an important point of reference for the Cupertino company. However, these rumors have been dismantled by the famous analyst and expert Apple Ming-Chi Kuo that in September 2018 said that Apple will not go beyond the dual camera. The reason lies in the fact that although the triple camera improves the characteristics of augmented reality, it is not such a strong reason to justify adding another component.

Recently, however, new voices have emerged on the subject. Reportedly, Sony is increasing the production of its next-generation 3D sensors because of the interest of phone manufacturers, including Apple. Bloomberg reports that the iPhone 11 could include the revolutionary Sony camera chip, which would power both front and rear 3D cameras. This technology opens unexplored paths so far from the mobile sector: according to what the company shows, there is an app where users can make specific gestures to cast spells within the game, such as Kinect. The phone calculates the depth of the room and accurately displays the objects and living things present in real life.

Sony already provides camera chips to smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung and Huawei, but has no word on who could adopt this technology.

Processor and performance

On the processor front at the moment we do not know much. If this year with the A12 chip Bionic Apple has launched on the market the most powerful iPhone ever, it is easy for the next generation to make a further leap in terms of processing power, graphics performance and machine learning via neural engine.

As anticipated above, let’s not expect an iPhone 5G, at least not in the immediate future. It seems that 2019 will be the year of 5G smartphones, with Samsung, LG and OnePlus in the forefront, but Apple would be out of the game. A Bloomberg report says Apple will not deliver a 5G iPhone before 2020, while another report says the company is working to develop its own modem that should replace Intel in its phones.

iPhone X Pro with Apple Pencil?

Finally according to the sources of the Korea Herald Apple would be considering adding the support to Apple Pencil in its range of iPhone 2019, or at least for the model with bigger screen. The report states that it will be a less expensive superconducting style to produce than the electromagnetic resonance technology used by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen. Apple’s technology would make it more like a pencil, in short. Apple Pencil 2 of the new iPad Pro offers new advanced features and connects magnetically to the tablet to recharge. Maybe Apple will offer a similar Apple Pencil for the iPhone X pro or any other iPhone with a larger screen coming out in 2019.


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