iPhone XR vs iPhone XS: Differences and which model to choose

Which is better, iPhone Xs or iPhone XR? Here is the definitive comparison between the new Apple devices between display, color, performance and camera. Find out which one to choose.

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS: Differences and which model to choose
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iPhone Xs and iPhone XR have been released for several months: the new top of the range from Apple are apparently very similar but arouse different doubts among users, undecided about which to choose when purchasing. Is it worth choosing the most economical model with a colored body, to the detriment of the more expensive and powerful iPhone Xs? Does the top model really have so much more to offer than its younger brother?

The features of the two iPhone differ on different points, starting from the price: finding out what changes between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS is essential to get an idea of what new iPhone to buy, depending on your needs.

In this guide, we discover designs, technical specifications and innovations of the iPhone XS and XR, comparing materials, colors, dimensions, screen, functionality, camera, processor and battery.

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS: screen and size

The main difference, visible to the naked eye, is the display: 6.1 inches for iPhone XR against the 5.8 inches of the iPhone XS.

If it is surprising that a lower-end iPhone has a larger display than the more expensive model, in reality the quality in this case is not determined by its size: while on the iPhone XR we find a 1792×828 resolution LCD screen, iPhone XS enjoys an unbeatable OLED display with a density of 2436×1125 pixels.

What does this mean? What in terms of quality, the screen of the iPhone XR is comparable to that of an iPhone 6s (only the diagonal of the screen changes for the number of pixels). This is not a bad screen, on the contrary, but the display of the iPhone XS, with the famous total black, plays in another league.

Design: two different twins

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At first glance, excluding the size of the two devices, iPhone XS and iPhone XR are very similar. To vary the weight: 177 grams for iPhone XS against the 194 grams of the iPhone XR, the latter in fact has a display so much greater than 5% compared to an XS, but also weighs 10% more. This difference is due to the fact that the Lcd display of the iPhone XR is decidedly less flexible than the OLED of the iPhone XR, not perfectly adapting to the skeleton of the smartphone (try to compare them, you will notice on iPhone XR thicker edges on all sides of the screen).

Let’s talk about materials: iPhone XS can count on a reinforcement in chrome-plated steel as far as the edges are concerned, much more valuable than the normal 7000 series aluminum mounted on the Phone XR. Both models feature 25% more powerful speakers than their predecessors and dual sim support (a nano and an e-sim).

But the highlight comes on the color: while iPhone XS can only count on three elegant colors (sidereal gray, silver and gold) iPhone XR comes in a unique and varied range of colors ( blackwhite, light blueyellowcoral and red Product (RED) ) that seems to squeeze the eyes of youngsters. From this last perspective, it is undeniable that iPhone XR presents itself in a decidedly more appealing way.

Camera: double vs. single

In spite of the increased size, and their bright colors, the XR iPhones are easily recognized by their single camera. No double camera, like iPhone XS/XS Max or 8 Plus. 12 megapixels for both, but the absence of this feature involves some changes.

For example, no 2x zoom for iPhone XR (for sharper photos with distant subjects you will be forced to get closer). But the good news is that while mounting an external single camera, iPhone XR will be able to take pictures in portrait mode, both for the rear and front camera (for quality selfies).

Not least is the fact that both models enjoy the new Smart HDR function: a combination of multiple photos taken with different exposures in a single final image, a system designed to break with one of the historical weaknesses of Apple cameras. A function very similar to the HDR+ of the Google Pixel 2 line, which still holds the record today for smartphone cameras. Both models support Face ID.

Battery: which model has the best?

The challenge between iPhone XR and iPhone XS is also played on the field of autonomy. And here is precisely the different type of display mounted on the two devices to make the difference: the LCD screen of the iPhone XR requires a decidedly lower energy expenditure than the more demanding OLED of the iPhone XS. In addition, iPhone XR features a larger battery than Apple’s top-of-the-line model:

iPhone XS – 2.658 mAh 
iPhone XR – 2.942 mAh

This indicates a crucial junction with regards to the Apple smartphone derby: comparing different features, iPhone XR is definitely the winner, with 25% more battery saving than the iPhone XS. We also remember that both models are equipped with the new A12 Bionic chip, with a 3GB ram for XR and 4GB for XS: the differences are imperceptible, with a slight quickness of calculation in more on iPhone XS.

A question of prices

We therefore come to a fundamental factor for the evaluation of your purchase: the price.

Here too the challenge is decidedly competitive. iPhone XR can count on a cost to the public that varies from 749 dollars for the basic 64 GB model799 dollars for 128 GB and 899 dollars for the more expensive 256 GB model.

iPhone XS, as we know, has a much higher price list: it starts from 999 dollars for the basic 64 GB model1149 for 256 GB and 1349 for 512 GB of memory (the XS Max brings prices even more high, adding 100 dollars more for the costs shown here).

Of course, it is true that iPhone XS has the largest memory space ever fitted to the iPhone in its most expensive model, but in return it requires a certain weight from our finances. The offers for the two devices, on the avenue of the sunset with the release of the iPhone 11 next October, are not lacking.

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