iPhone XS and XS Max BUG : Not charging in Stand by and charging very slow

A bug (it would seem software), In new iPhone XS and XS Max Not charging or charging but very slow on standby when you connect to charger

iPhone XS and XS Max: Not charging in Stand by and charging very slow

New grits for Apple and the new iPhone XS and XS Max that according to the numerous reports that can be found on the net easily, the new smartphone of the house of the bitten apple would not recharge the battery if connected to a power source and are off-screen.

The complaints start directly from the official Apple forum where there are dozens and dozens of reports of this “Malfunction” that from an initial analysis would seem to be software.

The problem … or software bugs

Note that the problem is not always present but when you present the smartphone is in standby and has not been turned on by a movement or pressure on a button, in short it is on standby and if you connect the battery charger the iPhone does not recharge, but as mentioned it does not always happen.

The problem is solved in most cases by disconnecting the cable from the mains, wait 20 seconds, and reconnect the smartphone to the power supply to restart the charge. In some cases it is necessary to wake up the smartphone and connect it to the network to restart the battery charge.

In short, a cat to skin for Apple but that could be just a small software problem, solvable with little, but if it were a hardware problem of some units, the problems could be greater.

iPhone XS and XS Max: The charging is very slow with the supplied charger

As if the problems of recharging the battery were not enough, in many cases complain of a total battery recharge time, with the adapter supplied (the one in the box), which is very slow, even over 3 hours (3 hours on the XS Max) then an eternity compared to other competitors that also take much less than half the time to recharge the battery of the smartphone.

Unfortunately this is not a problem but a choice of Apple, as the basic battery charger inserted in the sales box is the one that recharges slowly while for the “fast” the user must pay another 84 dollars that includes the USB-C cable in Lightning from 1 meter to 25 dollars and another 39 dollars to buy the 30W Apple USB-C power adapter.

In short, a nice smart Apple. Continue to follow us to receive updates on iPhone XS, XS Max and iOS 12 issues.

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