iPhone XS stuck? Here is how to force restart

Is your iPhone XS stuck on the apple? Did you stop during an update? Did you stop while using Facetime? Here’s how to force the restart to unlock it

Unlock iPhone XS locked and force reboot

As you probably know, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have been announced by Apple for a few days.

Although we have already talked a lot of iPhone XS and all its news, today I want to draw your attention to the new smartphone from Apple (and also on the Max model) to explain a trick that could be very useful in the future.

Unable to unlock iPhone XS, it does not respond to commands

In fact, it may happen that iPhone XS is blocked on some screen and it is impossible to unlock it using the touch screen.

Although iOS is a very stable and well-optimized operating system, it has its own bugs and problems, and as you install additional apps and programs, these could help create problems at the operating system level, which may suddenly crash.

So it may happen that iPhone XS suddenly stops while you use Instagram, Facebook, while you capture a screen, during an update and in many other situations.

Regardless of what you’re doing, iPhone XS can be blocked suddenly and you can no longer unlock or reboot. A big problem, especially considering that, unlike the phones of 10 years ago in which it was enough to remove the battery, on iPhone XS all this is not possible since in no way can you open the smartphone.

So what can you do to unlock an iPhone XS locked on some screen and that no longer responds to commands? Simple, I’ll explain it to you in this article!

How to unlock iPhone XS locked on screen and does not respond to touch controls on the screen

Unlocking your locked iPhone XS and forcing a reboot of your smartphone is pretty simple, even if the procedure changes compared to the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and the old Apple iPhone.

Within a few seconds, however, thanks to our instructions, you can restart your iPhone XS and make it work perfectly again.

So let’s see how to proceed to force a restart of iPhone XS. 

I recommend it is important to press the buttons on your iPhone XS exactly in the order that I indicate below, otherwise the procedure will not work.

That said, to unlock your iPhone XS, you must:

  • Press Volume UP and release it
  • Press Volume DOWN and release it
  • Press and HOLD the Power/Lock button on the right side of the iPhone XS
  • Press and hold this button until the Apple logo (the famous apple) appears on the screen. You will have to hold it down for several seconds (about 15-20) for the guide to work properly
  • If the apple does not appear, it means that you have not pressed the buttons correctly. Repeat the procedure from the beginning paying more attention
  • If the apple appears on the screen, wait until it disappears. In a few moments iPhone XS will reboot and you will be able to come back to use it without any problem.

All pretty simple, right?

And in this way you will be able to unlock and restart your iPhone XS that no longer responds to commands. 

If I’m wrong, what’s going on?

Do not worry: if you fail the execution of the commands, nothing serious happens.

At most you will go to capture a screenshot or turn on/off the screen, nothing more.

In NO circumstances, you will lose your saved data on iPhone XS. 


For this new article on the iPhone XS is everything. If by chance your precious smartphone should stop and stop responding to commands on screen, do not despair: following our advice you can solve the problem in a few moments.

In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

See you next time!

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