Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp conversations without installing any app?

Can you spy on WhatsApp conversations without installing free programs? Let’s find out together. How to spy on WhatsApp for free without the victim’s phone?

Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp conversations without installing any app?

Spy WhatsApp remotely without installing apps

More and more often in recent weeks I have received requests for help from the readers of this site.

Everyone, or almost, asked me if and how it was possible to spy on WhatsApp conversations without installing programs on the victim’s phone.

Since the theme is very hot and the requests I receive are several, I decided to publish an article about it to give a definitive answer to all.

In this way we will be clear once and for all about the possibility of spying on WhatsApp for free without installing any app.

How to spy on WhatsApp messages without installing programs?

Since I don’t like wasting time and I think the thing is true for you too, I’d say go straight to the point without getting lost in useless bar talk.

I’ll tell you in a simple and direct way: as of today you CANNOT spy on WhatsApp without installing programs.

I’m sorry, but there’s no way.

Needless to waste time searching the internet for guides, videos, paid programs, false promises and more. It serves no purpose.

As things stand, it is IMPOSSIBLE to spy on WhatsApp without installing programs, unless you have the victim’s phone in your hands.

I know that there are hundreds of sites, blogs, videos and other “holy men” who promise you free programs to spy on WhatsApp without having a phone, but they are rip-offs and cheats.

No one and nothing, to date, gives you the opportunity to spy on another person’s WhatsApp without your phone physically in your hands, much less installing programs and applications that among other things would be ILLEGAL.

Program without installation to spy on WhatsApp

The only way to spy on another person’s WhatsApp is to:

  • take this person’s phone physically
  • connect it to WhatsApp Web using a Windows or Mac PC
  • return the phone to the other person
  • check and spy on the victim’s chats, conversations and WhatsApp messages using WhatsApp Web

This method, which actually allows you to spy on WhatsApp from a PC without a phone, works very well, but you have to be careful: the victim might notice that he is being spied on.

When WhatsApp Web is opened on PC or Mac, a notification appears on the victim’s phone, which in a flash finds that someone is checking it; the only way to circumvent this limit is to use WhatsApp Web at night, while the victim sleeps, so that he cannot see the notification.

This, as anticipated, is the only way to spy on WhatsApp without installing apps, without installing anything. And it is also free and available to everyone as it actually allows you to spy on WhatsApp for another free phone; pity that to do so it is necessary to really have the smartphone of this other person in hand.

Spy on another’s WhatsApp without having his cell phone

As anticipated, this is currently NOT absolutely possible.

Whether you want to install a program to spy on WhatsApp or you want to connect the victim’s phone to WhatsApp, you still need to have the other person’s phone in your hands.

Without the phone, there is no chance of you being able to spy on WhatsApp from a distance.

Thousands of people are looking for a way to spy on WhatsApp without phone or app to spy on WhatsApp conversations without victim phone, but this is absolutely not possible today.

Spy on WhatsApp knowing the number

As a direct result of everything we have said so far, this is not possible either.

It is NOT enough to know a person’s number to spy on WhatsApp: you must necessarily have his phone in his hands. And luckily, I would add, otherwise anyone could spy on our WhatsApp messages simply by knowing our phone number. It would be a colossal privacy violation.

Put your heart at rest: you can’t and can’t ever spy on WhatsApp by phone number.

Spy on WhatsApp from a distance – Conclusions

As we have seen in this article, it is absolutely possible to do so.

Or via WhatsApp Web, or by installing apps to spy on WhatsApp (such as Spyfone, Mspy, Hoverwatch, Ikeymonitor and the like). The working methods are not lacking absolutely, but, as already said several times, in all cases you will need to have the victim’s phone in your hands at least the first time.

Once you have configured and installed these WhatsApp spy programs, you will be free to read all the conversations whenever you want and without being discovered and without having the victim’s phone available.

The important thing is to watch out for scams and scams.

Around the web, I read dozens and dozens of guides and articles that promise you to reach your goal quickly and easily, but in reality they steal your data (at best), steal money from you and your card credit and even risks that go to install spy apps on your phone, without your knowledge.

With this guide I would say that we have concluded.

For any doubt or question, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

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