Is Photo Roulette Safe? How it works for iOS and Android

What is it Photo Roulette, how does the app of the moment available for iOS and Android: is the game really safe? Here’s all you need to know.

Is Photo Roulette Safe? What is the app and how it works for iOS and Android

Photo Roulette, the new app that is slowly depopulating between iOS and Android users, may not be so secure. Great success, but with some controversy: many are wondering what Photo Roulette is and how exactly the app works that, between fun and laughter, is making people discuss.

After the FaceApp boom, Photo Roulette could also end up under the crosshairs of online security, with some pieces to clarify about the privacy of users who download and use it.

In the USA it is a real success and the party game worries because of its use. Here’s how exactly Photo Roulette works and what is best to pay attention to.

Photo Roulette: how the app for iOS and Android works

It is a game in which a user can invite up to 49 people by leaving access to the photos contained in the gallery of the smartphone.

The game works very simply: the app selects a photo from your gallery and shows it to all users intent on playing the game with you. The aim of the game is to guess who the photo belongs to, whoever can guess the most photos after 15 rounds wins. But the doubts about what might seem like a very simple game seem different.

In fact, dark points emerge on how the data are actually used and on the possibility that the app shows – by choosing them randomly – sensitive contents also considering the success found among the child and adolescent public.

Is Photo Roulette Safe?

The fact that it involves very young users and photos chosen at random from the smartphone’s image gallery has raised some concerns: the app was created in Oslo, by Photo Roulette AS, and has recently reached the 9 million mark downloads worldwide.

However, the application seems to comply with current regulations: the photos extracted for the game are shown only to the participants of the game and not disseminated other than the collective challenge.

This, of course, does not prevent some users with bad intentions from making a screen and deliberately spreading compromising or embarrassing photos other than the game. As reported by the app itself, before starting to play, it is good to carefully check the presence of sensitive or inherent content in the intimate and private sphere in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

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