Is Webdesigner responsible for site maintenance?

We also need to have a game of waist to know how to deal with some situations that we have, and also know how to act on them. For example, the project was finalized, tested, delivered and is in the air. More of who is responsible for maintaining it? First of all, there’s a piece of advice, get a print screen out of its final form, and then let the project follow its course. This is not always an easy task, we create, finalize and put the project in our portfolio, and if after that we go back to see how it is is almost always a disappointment. That is because after delivering this site may have a bad administration which will cause many visual havoc.

Whenever we deliver a website we give all the guidelines on how to keep this work with nice design. Therefore, if after having delivered the client to fill the site with low resolution images, texts with incorrect formatting and content in the wrong places is no longer a problem of those who created it.

The company when thinking about creating a website should already know that it must have its maintenance and constant updating, and should be programmed for it. It can hire a qualified employee to keep this site up to date and beautiful. And when I say “qualified employee” is not one who likes or thinks he understands, but someone who really has that profession and knowledge to perform this function with quality and the correct ways.

Not all companies want to have an internal web designer, so this option does not always happen, plus there is another option that is to hire a Web Master freelancer to take care of the website.

Remember that: in the act of the contract we can offer the creation and complete maintenance of the project, and if we are hired for this we must take care with all care and attention, and so the project will be safe “forever”. The fact is that while having options, most companies prefer to leave the maintenance of their site in the hands of the professionals of the company itself, thinking that why they know how to make a montage in photoshop are qualified for this function. That’s why we end up with so many out-of-date, messy blog/blogs, uncorrected photos among other horrors.

When we see our project in this state it makes us want to send an e-mail on the alert. And as much as it makes you want to care and guide even after delivery, if we are not hired for this we have no more responsibility than is yet to come. More is our role and responsibility to guide on how to maintain and the importance of having someone qualified for it. There is no point in wanting a super cool website if you want to save money on maintenance, thus leaving the project off.

And if with all the guidance even though the client leaves the site or not left hand of the “computer” personnel, however much it hurts to see your work being dropped like this, let the project follow the direction that the client put to him. And the biggest important, do not blame yourself for it.

It is the tip for the professionals of the area and especially for the clients.

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