Jailbreak iPhone XS: The Pangu Team has already got it

The group of hackers behind the Pangu Team name showed how jailbreak on the iPhone XS is already reality. Here are the tests

Jailbreak iPhone XS: The Pangu Team has already got it

Less than a week after the release of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the jailbreak is already a reality. The race to find the flaw on the various iOS version that saw the tightness of protection measures from Apple seems to fade.

In fact, the interest in jailbreak no longer that of a time but the Pangu team,  through a Twitter account of Min (Spark) Zheng, who deals with security for Android and iOS of Alibaba, showed how the jailbreak on the new iPhone is already working.

At one time hackers around the world would have made the run to find the flaw in the new distribution of iOS, now remains only a curiosity the jailbreak for iOS as the interest is now zero.

To be specified, however, that the jailbreak on the iPhone XS was made with iOS 12 wandering the controls on the PAC (Pointer Authentication Code) and although we do not have much technical information about the flaw, it is likely that this jailbreak is untethered, so that disappears after the restart, and that almost certainly will never be released to the public.

The jailbreak was obtained on the iPhone XS, but the same procedure could also be implemented on the iPhone XS Max as they share the same hardware.

Also note that iOS 12 of the iPhone XS and XS Max, not the same as iPhone X because of the new SoC Apple A12 Bionic, there is a new set of instructions arm8.3 for the arm64e architecture that it is much safer than previous versions.

Personally I do not jailbreak on my devices for several years because now iOS has all the functions I look for. And you still have some jailbreak devices?

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