Here’s how to turn up the volume of Bluetooth headphones on Android when it’s too low. Do Bluetooth headphones have low volume on Android? 

Android bluetooth bass headphones volume? Here’s how to raise it and increase it

Increase the volume of bluetooth headsets and headphones in Android

A few weeks ago I bought (again) the AirPods headphones to use with my Android smartphone.

Thanks to the Air Battery app, available for free on the Play Store, I can now better manage these bluetooth headphones on Android, even though there are actually many limits compared to use with iPhone and iOS in general.

Headphone volume too low on Android

Apart from the limits of which I was aware, however, I found a big problem using the bluetooth headphones with my OnePlus 6 and Android in general. Basically, the volume of the bluetooth headphones was too low.

Even by maximizing the volume of Android using the rocker and the System settings, the volume of the bluetooth headphones (in this case the AirPods) remained too low, so low that the music was hard to hear.

I tried to “wipe” a bit in the System Settings, in the Bluetooth settings, but I did not find anything that would allow me to turn up the volume of my bluetooth headphones to a satisfactory volume.

So I started looking for a possible solution on the internet, until I found it. And since it worked perfectly, I decided to share it with you in this article.

The solution: enable “Disable absolute volume” in the Android Settings

Basically, by disabling a hidden function in the Android settings, you can increase the playback volume in the headphones or bluetooth headsets, including AirPods, on all Android devices.

Here is the guide that explains how to increase the volume of bluetooth headsets in Android.

Turn up volume headphones and bluetooth headsets on Android in just a few clicks

If your earphones or bluetooth headphones have too much playback volume in your case and you would like to increase the volume of the bluetooth headphones, this is the guide for you.

All you need is a few simple steps to significantly increase the volume of your smartphone and consequently that of the connected headphones. 

To increase the volume of bluetooth headsets in Android the first thing to do is:

  • open the settings of your device
  • enter the section about the software information of the operating system (usually at the bottom)
  • search for the item “Build number”
  • click repeatedly on it (about 7 times) until you see a small message appear saying “Now you are a developer”
  • return to Settings (general screen)
  • always down, look for the new “Developer Options” item and click on it
  • Look for the item “Disable absolute volume” and activate the check next to this item
  • unplug the bluetooth headphones and reconnect them


It was not difficult, was it?

Increase Android volume over the limit – Conclusions

Now take a test: as if by magic now the volume of your bluetooth headphones connected to the Android phone is much higher, right?

As anticipated, the guide worked very well in my case with AirPods and OnePlus 6 and also with other lesser known Bluetooth headphones. I am sure that in your case everything will work perfectly.

In case of doubts and questions, however, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.


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