The new version of macOS, codenamed Mojave, is available on the App Store but if you want to quickly install it on other MACs without downloading it again, here is the guide to save the installation file

How to save the MacOS Mojave Installation file

macOS Mojave is the new version of the operating system of Apple and is distributed through the usual channel of the Mac App Store, and once started the update by clicking on install, the procedure involves downloading the image of macOS Mojave on the MAC to be updated and at the end the installation procedure will start automatically.

If you start the automatic installation of macOS Mojave the installation file  will be deleted after the end of the installation, making recovery impossible but if you want to reinstall MacOS Mojave on another MAC you have to re-download everything from the beginning, while saving the image you can reinstall it from USB flash drive or other support in a few clicks.

How to save the installation file of macOS Mojave

  1. Open the MAC App Store
  2. Download the MacOS Mojave installer
  3. At the end of the download of the installer, it will take several minutes because it is large, when the welcome window appears, do not click Continue.
  4. Now select the Install MacOS Mojave item on the top left and finally Exit MacOS Setup or press the ⌘-Q keys.
  5. Now that you are out of the MacOS Mojave installation procedure, you need to look for the installer by going to the Applications folder.
  6. If you need to copy it to the same disk in a different folder, hold down the Option key (Alt) and drag the file with the installer to the desired folder where a copy will be created.

If you have already downloaded MacOS Mojave to get the image you have to go to the App Store and select the item Install and repeat the procedure just described.


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