Also this year, as usual, the challenge is renewed between Fifa 19 and Pes 2019, the new born at Ea Sports and Konami which are competing for recognition as the best football video game of the year.

As usual there are users loyal to Fifa 19 and others who instead prefer Pes 2019 regardless of the innovations introduced by Konami and Ea Sports; however there is a good part of gamers that before choosing which videogame to buy is documented in depth reading reviews and comparisons of Pes 2019 and Fifa 19, so as to get an idea on which of the two is better.

Factors to be taken into consideration to make a comparison between these two video games so as to understand which is the best – or rather, the one that best suits our gaming preferences – are many: from gameplay to licenses, up to the mode of game and graphics.

In this regard, we have also decided to join the list of those who after trying both Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Fifa 19 tried to make a judgment on both, highlighting the merits and weaknesses of each video game.

So if a few days after the release of Fifa 19 in stores (the standard version is coming on September 28) still do not know whether to prefer the new video game made by Ea Sports or if you buy Pes 2019 (for sale for several weeks) we recommend to continue reading this comparison, where you can find the right information to make a decision.


The first point on which we will focus on our comparison is the one dedicated to Fifa and Pes 2019 licenses. Between the two is certainly Fifa 19 to boast the largest number of licenses, but there is to say that online can already be found several patches to be installed to have teams, uniforms and official stadiums also in PES 2019.

In detail, the Ea Sports this year can boast the official license of the European competitions: Champions LeagueEuropa League and European Super Cup.

The official Serie A TIM license returns, with Roma and Juventus official partners of the new Ea Sports video game.

Lato Fifa 19, moreover, disappoint the lack of the license for the Brazilian national where all the players – with the exception of Neymar – have a fictitious name. The same applies to the 15 teams of the Brazilian league.

We console ourselves however with the presence of the Chinese championship and with the official licenses of the Premier League and the Spanish League.

In the Spanish league, however, it is Pes 2019 to boast the partnership with Barcelona, which allowed Konami to replicate the faces of the players (graphically Pro Evolution Soccer beats Fifa also for the other teams of other leagues) and to realize the Camp Nou (which is missing in Fifa 19).

Among the other championships of which Pes 2019 can boast the official license we report the Belgian Pro League, the Superliga Argentina and – exclusive of the videogame Konami – the Russian Premier League.

Even this year, however, users who choose Pro Evolution Soccer will have to rely on a patch to have official uniforms of Juventus, given that the Italian team is called PM Black and White and does not have the original kit (the same goes for the Real Madrid, which in the Konami videogame is called MD White).


Let’s put aside the licenses and move on to what is one of the factors on which most users base their decision: the gameplay.

As usual Fifa 19 maintains its video game feature with a high level of spectacle but at a disadvantage of game speed; the gameplay, in fact, appears once again very fast to confirm that the Ea Sport has failed – or perhaps did not want to do it – to reproduce the speed of play of a real game.

However, we appreciate the effort that Ea Sports is doing in this sense with the introduction of various variables (such as the new 50/50 system for contrasts or weather conditions) that positively affect the realism of the match.

Turning to PES 2019, however, we have a slightly more reasoned playing rhythm that, while negatively affecting the spectacle of the match, is able to offer a more realistic football event, thanks to the physical management of the ball that this year has been further improved. In short, an applause to Konami that with this new chapter has reached a level of remarkable realism.

Game mode

As for the game mode is Ea Sports to score a goal thanks to the introduction of new options such as the ability to play a game “house rules”, without fouls and offside. Then there are games where only the goals are valid and others where only the nets from outside the area are considered.

Excellent also the last chapter of the trilogy of The Journey, where Alex Hunter will most likely be called to win the Champions League with Real Madrid.

On the other hand, the Career mode and the ProClub are disappointing, to which no big news has been added. Despite this, however, Fifa 19 wins the comparison with Pes 2019, which deserves praise for what has been done for the myClub mode, where the method of purchase of players has been improved, but that disappoints for the Master League and Become a myth seen that both would deserve a renewed.


So we arrived at the last clash: that of graphics. On the one hand, the Canadian Ea Sports, we have the Frostbite graphics engine that once again focuses on making the game staged as realistic as possible; on the other hand we have the Fox Engine used by the Japanese Konami, with which it is achieved excellent quality in the reproduction of faces, especially those of the most famous footballers.

So while in Fifa 19 we have the overall spectacularization – to the disadvantage of the realization of individual players – in PES 2019 there is a greater attention to detail, even if overall the graphics of the match suffers.


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