How to turn off iPhone XS Max, the complete guide

From some model of iPhone recently launched on the market, the manufacturer Apple has decided to remove the Home button in favor of a new navigation system that occurs through gesture. Among other things, a new unlocking system called Face ID has been added to ensure superior security compared to the traditional fingerprint sensor. Deleting the Home key however, led to changes to other small operations. Even the power button has taken on new functions that completely change the cards on the table with regard to the operations that previously could be done with all the other iPhone.

Also advising you to read the guide on how to do Hard Reset iPhone Xs Max, in this new tutorial we will explain step by step the complete procedure on how to turn off the iPhone XS Max in different and effective ways, so you give a hand in case you were taken with the new commands.

Turn off iPhone XS Max: the traditional procedure

As a first step we will explain the traditional procedure to turn off your iPhone XS Max. With the introduction of iPhone X a new and innovative gesture system has been created that allows you to greatly improve the user experience. Among other things, changes have been made to the functions related to the lateral power and extinguishing button.

In order to turn off the new top of the range of the Californian, iPhone XS Max, using the buttons you will need to hold down simultaneously and hold the side button on the right part and one of the two volume buttons placed on the left side. As soon as you see the message Scroll to turn off you can release both buttons. In conclusion, you’ll have to do is take a swipe from left to right on the screen just appeared.

After these steps, your iPhone will turn off. To be able to turn on again simply press the side button power-off until the bitten apple appears on the display.

Another procedure, a valid alternative

Are you curious to know how to turn off the new iPhone XS Max without the buttons? There is an easy alternative procedure that allows you to turn off your iPhone without using the combination of buttons previously analyzed. You will not have to touch any buttons, as you will turn off the device directly from your phone’s settings. Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. First of all, open the settings app;
  2. Now enter the general section;
  3. Scroll down and select the item switch off;
  4. Once you see the writing scroll to turn off, just swipe from left to right on the small lever just appeared.

Follow the steps listed above to the letter, your iPhone will turn off automatically. To be able to switch it on again, just follow the procedure described above. Or keep the side button pressed until the Apple logo appears on the display.

If the buttons of your new iPhone do not work properly and you do not know how to turn it on, to do so without using the buttons, simply plug the iPhone into any outlet via its own Lightning cable. Once the power has been connected, the smartphone will automatically turn on without having to press any button.

How to perform a forced restart

Is your iPhone XS Max suddenly stuck and not giving any sign of life and are you in total panic? Then it might be necessary to perform a forced shutdown of the terminal. To succeed in your intent correctly without making any mistakes, you must quickly press and release the volume button up, then the volume down button and finally hold down the side button until you see the traditional scroll on the screen. switch off. Continue to hold down the side button until your iPhone is turned off completely.

Our tutorial on how to turn off the iPhone XS Max is finished we hope it was useful.

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