Are you a big fan of karaoke? As a child you were literally crazy about that little jewel of singing games? Well, know that even if you have grown up there is the technology that helps you to cultivate your love for singing and instrumental pieces: thanks to the software that today allows you to make karaoke directly on the computer, using operating systems such as Windows. And the nice thing is that some work without problems, and they also provide you with many advanced options. So let’s find out together 5 karaoke programs for Windows 10 PCs.

Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 is a software for karaoke for Windows 10 PC very advanced: of course, the free version has much less tools than the paid one, but enough to allow you to sing at breakneck on the notes of the most famous pieces. To add, then, that this program supports a very large number of audio formats, including KAR, MP3 and of course the immortal MIDI: there are also other formats such as MP4, WMA and FLV. Unfortunately, the interface is not the maximum usability, so you’ll have to do some practice to get used to Karaoke 5 and the smart use of its playlist, which you’ll find on the top left. Know, however, that you can also enter text manually, and take advantage of many options, such as playback controls and equalizers.

vanBasco Karaoke Player

vanBasco Karaoke Player is probably the most popular karaoke program. Its features are very similar to Karaoke 5: this means that the software has separate windows that you can manage as you like, between text box, playlist manager, and toolbox. The program also supports MIDI format and allows you to expand the text in full screen: for this reason it is often used in clubs that focus strongly on karaoke. Finally, vanBasco is immediately ready for use, as it contains a dozen basic pieces.

Free Midi Karaoke Player

Free Midi Karaoke Player is a perfect choice if your goal is to download a karaoke program with many songs included in the basic package: there are about 30 ready to use. But the best feature of Free Midi Karaoke Player is the simplicity of the program: the interface is among the most intuitive that you can find, with a single window full of options. Opening the file is immediate and can be completed simply by pressing the Enter key. Karaoke Karaoke is one of the most advanced karaoke software on the net: the integrated interface is in fact very complex and full of ideas. In fact, this is not a simple karaoke program but a real media manager, which will also allow you to encode files and record your own songs. The software supports widely used formats like MIDI, MP3 and KAR, and also offers you a convenient search tool to find the songs in your library and add them easily to the playlist. Finally, the text: absolutely one of the most readable on screen.

Midi Karaoke Player 20

Midi Karaoke Player 20 is another software that makes simplicity its best feature. The interface is very similar to that of Free Midi Karaoke Player, so very spartan and intuitive. The program supports audio formats such as MIDI and KAR, and allows you to expand the control screen by pressing the F1 key.


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