70 Best Sites to Download Free Sound Effects

Are you a video editing lover and would you like to fill your own creations with fascinating, realistic or simply fun and funny sound effects? Then you will necessarily need someone to help you, considering that it is really easy to get lost in the sea magnum of the web, in search of sound effects free and without copyright. And if you do not want to waste time behind a research that would prove frantic and very long, then this article could be of great help: let’s see together the best 70 sites to download sound effects for free, and to finally give that extra touch to your editing video!

List of sites with free sound effects

  1. Soungle
  2. Find Sounds
  3. GRSites
  4. SoundBible
  5. AudioMicro
  6. Freesound
  7. ZapSplat
  8. Orange Free Sounds
  9. Free Sound Effects
  10. FlashKit
  11. blastwavefx
  12. Sound Effects for Free
  13. Media College
  14. PacDV
  15. SoundsCrate
  16. 99Sounds
  17. NCH Software
  18. The Recordist
  19. soundjay
  20. FreeSFX
  21. GameBurp
  22. Acoustica
  23. Partner In Rhyme
  24. Sonnyboo
  25. Airborne
  26. Sound Gator
  27. Pachd
  28. Deusx.com
  29. Bargus
  30. The Motion Monkey
  31. sshhtt
  32. Dramatic Publishing
  33. Free Sound Effects and Loops
  34. 3dmm Studio
  35. Ice Cold Sounds
  36. F7 Sound and Vision
  37. High Quality Production Music
  38. The Wav Surfer
  39. Boogie Jack
  40. EarthStation1
  41. Sweet Sound Effects
  42. Jewel Beat
  43. Big Sound Bank
  44. Noise for Fun
  45. Sound Effects Library
  46. Universal-soundbank
  47. Sample Phonic
  48. Spot Producer
  49. Top Free Intro
  50. Salami Sound
  51. Looperman
  52. Sample Swap
  53. Free-Loops
  54. Music-Note World
  55. Hit Film
  56. Open Game Art
  57. Little Robot Sound Factory
  58. FXhome
  59. Unity Asset Store
  60. Sound Image
  61. wavsource
  62. Free Sounds
  63. Wav Sounds
  64. Wav Central
  65. Stay on Beat
  66. Sound Jig
  67. Halloween.it
  68. FinalCutKing
  69. Royalty Free Music Library
  70. Hiss and a Roar
  71. Director Zone

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