Whether you have a PC with Windows or Linux as an operating system on a PC that is not a MAC, to enter the first layer of the computer that deals with talking to the hardware at first start, the BIOS, there is to press a combination of ad hoc keys that changes depending on the computer manufacturer.

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or UEFI firmware allows you to change some parameters, such as selecting the boot disk, overclock, enable or disable USB ports or other important functions and much more, and it is very important for all computer, without the BIOS the PC would not be able to boot.

Unfortunately there is no single key combination to access the BIOS as each manufacturer personalizes these states that need to be pressed a few moments after pressing the PC power button.

Keys to press to enter the BIOS according to the Computer manufacturer

If in the past the DEL or DEL key was the most popular, on some Asus you enter by pressing the F2 key and on the Acer the F10 key and we tell you the combination of keys to press according to each manufacturer.

  • ASRock F2 or DEL (CANC)
  • ASUS F2 for Notebook and Desktop, F2 or DEL for motherboards
  • Acer F2 or DEL
  • Dell F2 or F12
  • Gigabyte/Aorus F2 or DEL
  • HP F10
  • Lenovo (Notebook) F2 or Fn + F2
  • Lenovo (Desktop) F1
  • Lenovo (ThinkPad) Enter and then F1
  • Microsoft Surface Press and hold the volume UP button
  • Samsung F2
  • Toshiba F2
  • Zotac DEL

As you can see the most popular states are F2 and DEL (CANC) but according to the manufacturer it is always better to do a search on Google and find out which combination of keys or key is to be pressed to enter the BIOS.


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