How to know model of your Mac

How to know the model of your Mac. Macs have an integrated method to check the model of your Mac or a MacBook or iMac or Mac mini.

Knowing Mac model

On your Mac, go to the Apple menu (apple icon at the top of the menu) and select About this Mac.

This will open a window giving you an overview of the Mac. The window, by default, opens on the Overview tab that should tell you what your model is.

To get the year, you can copy the serial number indicated in this same card and enter it on the Apple page to verify service and coverage of assistance.

The two methods described above work for all types of Macs, e.g. Macbook, Mac mini and iMac.

If you need a way to control the Mac model without turning it on, flip the MacBook over or physically examine it and you’ll find a model number printed on it. It should be an alphanumeric five-character number that you can search online, as well as on the Apple website to check the Mac model.

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