How to disable sharing your Instagram posts in stories

If your account is public, anyone who follows you can share your posts in their stories. If you do not like the idea that your posts are shared this way, you can disable reshare on Instagram stories.

How to disable sharing your Instagram posts in the stories of others

Instagram gives users excellent control over their account. Users can customize almost every aspect of everything.

  • Open Instagram and go to your profile page.
  • Touch the hamburger icon at the top right.
  • Touch the gear button to go to the Options screen.
  • In the options screen, you will see a “Reconditioning in stories” option at the bottom of the Privacy and Security section. Touch it and turn off the switch to disable resharing to stories.

Now when someone following you tries to share your post on their story, the share to story option will not appear in the sharing menu. They can still take a screenshot of your post and then share it with their story but the sharing option will be disabled and so the operation is not immediate.

This setting will have no impact on your ability to share posts in your stories.

If your Instagram account is private, this setting is not something you need to worry about. Users who follow you will not be able to share your posts with their stories.


If you disable reshare on stories because you’re worried about the theft of the content, you should know that the re-shared post is duly credited to the person who created it. Stories also tend to expire after a day, so the time that will remain visible is short. Finally, you can delete a post and no app will no longer be in anyone’s story.

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