How to know to whom you sent friend request on Facebook

If you do not remember, you have sent a friend request to someone on Facebook – in the expectation of cancelling or just confirming the information – you can check your profile. Just go to the “Friendship Requests Sent” link and see who’s on it.

To whom did you send a friend request?

  1. Access Facebook and sign in;
  2. Go to the Friend Requests Sent page;
  3. There will be all the people who have not yet accepted your request;
  4. Hover over the “friend request sent” you wish to cancel;
  5. Select “cancel request” for the invitation to be undone.

Note that on the same page, when this list ends, the “People you may know” list is very close. Be careful not to accidentally add anyone …

If you did not find the person on the list of friend requests you submitted, you can check the list of friend requests you received and do the same search.

In this, you can either “Confirm” (creating a friendship link) or “Delete” the request you received. When you delete a friend request, the person who sent the request to you will not be notified and you will not be able to submit another request for one year.

To permanently prevent this person from sending you another request for friendship after that period, block her forever. That way, she did not add it either to see your profile again on the social network.

If you’ve already accepted a friend request, you can still access the person’s profile, hover the mouse over “Friends” at the top of the profile, and select “UnFriend This undoes the link but does not completely block this profile.

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