Do you want to save the most important files, on your iPhone, on your computer but until now you have not found a guide that tells you specifically how to do? In the next few lines, we at Teknologya will explain to you how to backup iPhone on Mac.

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How to make a backup of iPhone on Mac with iTunes

Apple offers a standard solution that allows you to back up all data, stored on your iPhone via the Mac using iTunes, the program to manage all iOS devices. The good news is that the software comes pre-installed on all versions of macOS, so you will not have to download anything.

Let’s see, therefore, the steps to carry out the whole operation:

  • Connect the iPhone you want to back up to your computer using the Lightning cable and wait for iTunes to start up automatically. Alternatively, click on its icon in the Dock in Mac OS. If it were the first connection, give the consent necessary to continue.
  • In the next step, press on the icon of your iPhone present in the upper left and then press the item Summary present in the left sidebar.
  • To proceed with the backup, click on Back up now. After pressing, iTunes will start the save procedure that may take several minutes depending on the files on the iPhone.

The Apple program also allows you to use a feature that allows you to update and synchronize the backup every time the iPhone connects to the Mac via Lightning and/or Wi-Fi. Just simply tick a Sync automatically when iPhone is connected and Sync with iPhone via Wi-Fi. In addition to this, iTunes allows you to encode the backups created by password by activating the appropriate function.

How to make a backup of iPhone on Mac with iMazing

As an alternative to iTunes, you can use iMazing software. It is also a program compatible with macOS which allows you to turn on and transfer files saved on the iPhone with a few simple steps. It is possible to save data completely using iMazing completely free of charge, but to restore and use other software features, you need to purchase the paid version at a cost of $39.99.

That said, let’s see how to make the most of it:

  • Log on to the official website of iMazing through the default browser (eg. Safari) and click on the button Download for Mac.
  • Once the installation is complete, start iMazing by clicking on Open.
  • After pressing the Allow button (only the first time), wait for iMazing to correctly recognize your iPhone.
  • Press on the Later button from the window that appears to access the trial version of the software or Buy License to proceed with the purchase of the premium version, press on Make backup that you find on the bottom right.
  • In the window that appears, you can choose whether or not to perform automatic backup as soon as the iPhone is connected to the Mac, whether to protect the saves with passwords by encryption, choose a preferred backup destination path, set the backup storage period and much more.
  • Once all the desired parameters have been set, press the Make backup button to proceed with saving the data stored on the phone. In this case, you can control the process through the progress bar.
  • Once completed, you should get the message Backup successful.

If you want to restore a backup created previously with iMazing, you must first purchase the paid version if you have not done it before and then connect the iPhone to the Mac, start the program and press on Restore a backup. After selecting the backup of your interest, press the Choose button and follow the wizard to complete the process.

How to make a backup of iPhone on Mac with Dr.Fone

A second alternative to Apple’s original software is called Dr.Fone. We are talking about a program designed by Wondershare that allows you to fully manage the iPhone, including the ability to create restore backup. Compared to iMazing, however, Dr.Fone is much more expensive as it can be purchased from the website at the starting price of 99.99 dollars. However, you can take advantage of a free trial version to test its functionality.

Let’s see how to use it:

  • Connect to the web portal of the Wondershare program and click on the Download Mac Version button found under the Download Dr.Fone for Mac section.
  • Once the installation is complete, connect the iPhone to the computer via the Lightning cable and start the software.
  • From the screen that opens, click on Backup & Restore and then select Download to download the plugin.
  • After this operation, press again on Backup & Restore and then on Backup.
  • If this is the first time you connect iPhone to Mac, give permission to proceed with the operation.
  • At this point, from the screen displayed by Dr.Fone, choose the files you want to include in the backup by placing a simple check next to each name and, if you want, set a custom path by pressing the folder icon located next to Backup Path.
  • Ultimate operation by pressing the Backup button.

To proceed with the next reset, re-open Dr.Fone, press on Backup & Recovery and this time choose Restore. After selecting the backup you want to restore to the iPhone, follow the instructions to complete the operation.


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