How to delete apps from iPad

Since you have installed many apps on your iOS tablet, you are now looking for a guide on the Internet that explains how to delete applications from the iPad. In the next few lines we will explain just how to do it.

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How to delete applications from the iPad from the home screen

The first solution to uninstall applications from the iPad is to simply use an iOS feature accessible from the main screen. All you need to do is locate the icon of the app you want to remove by scrolling through the pages and make a long tap on it until it starts moving.

In the next step, press the X that appears at the top left and choose Delete from the warning that appears on the screen. It is the easiest and fastest solution to delete applications from iOS. Furthermore, in addition to removing the app itself, you will delete the associated data saved in the iDevice’s internal memory.

How to delete applications from iPad from Settings

Another solution to uninstall apps from the Apple tablet is to use a function in the Settings.

Let’s see how to do:

  • Locate the gear icon on the main screen and tap it to access the Settings.
  • In the next step, press on General and then on Free iPad Space from the screen that appears on the right.
  • After waiting a few seconds (to allow the iPad to calculate the space occupied in the internal memory), you will find a list of all the applications installed on it.
  • At this point, to proceed with uninstalling the desired app, press on its name and choose Delete app twice in a row.

Just as seen with the previous method, in this case you will also delete the data associated with the app you are removing. If you want to save them, choose Uninstall app twice consecutively so that you will only remove the application from your iPad and you can restore all data in case of reinstallation from the App Store.

How to delete applications from iPad automatically

Apple has implemented a very useful feature within its iOS (available since release 11 ) which allows you to automatically uninstall unused applications.

Let’s see how to use them:

  • Open the Settings as indicated a moment ago, choose General and then press on Free iPad Space.
  • At this point, identify the Remove app item that you do not use and press on Enable that you find in its correspondence.
  • After activating this feature, the iOS tablet will analyze the apps that you do not use and uninstall them automatically.

If you had a version earlier than iOS 12, you can access the Remove app feature that you do not use following the path Settings > iTunes Store and App Store and turning ON the switch next to Remove app you do not use. In case of change of mind, you can disable this feature at any time by turning OFF the same switch (operation also valid on iOS 12 and later).

How to delete applications from iPad via restore

If you have noticed that you have a lot of useless applications installed on your iPad and you do not want to proceed with the single uninstall, you can resort to another very simple solution but that will definitely delete data, settings and other things on the device. The reset occurs very simply by pressing on the item Reset data and settings you find in Settings > General > Restore.

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