Dark Mode arrives on Facebook Messenger: here’s how to activate it

Dark Mode arrives on Facebook Messenger: here’s how to activate the dark mode, currently being tested, and change the appearance of the app.

Messenger embraces the Dark Mode, which is the dark mode present in different apps and that allows you to convert white and brighter colors in darker shades and less tiring for the view.

Protecting our eyes, who spend most of their time chatting through social networks and instant messaging apps, seems to be one of the main objectives of Zuckerberg and its members, who follow a trend appreciated and demanded by many users. Messenger will not be the only app aimed at the exchange of messages to report the option for the dark mode, even WhatsApp has long been involved in rumors about the Dark Mode. Here are all the details on how it will work.

Messenger, Dark Mode: what it is and how it works

The need for a Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger is easy to understand: as opposed to WhatsApp and other chats, which allow you to set a different background for conversations and – if you want – less dazzling colors, on the app of the popular social network dominates the color white, a shade that strains the view especially when using the app in the dark or perhaps before falling asleep in the evening.

To benefit from a dark-toned layout, which convert the various colors and whites into blacks and grays, it is not only the eyes but also the batteries of our devices. Here, after Microsoft and Twitter, Messenger will also be equipped with a dark mode.

A preview provided via Twitter of the new Messenger Dark Mode

The details emerge in an unofficial way thanks to some tweets, of which we attach the screens, showing the new and expected mode. To set the Dark Mode on Messenger, the option of which is in the process of rollout and may therefore not yet be available to all users, you have to open the app and select the icon on the top left bearing our profile photo through the special command.

Some icons remain colored, while the black background dominates

According to the screens to change in the case of Messenger is simply the background of the chat, which goes from white to black, while the balloons dedicated to messages remain unchanged (which are not converted to gray tones, which instead happens for icons and search bar). Evidently, Facebook is still experimenting with the app and the dark mode, waiting for an official launch for all users in a next update: the final appearance, and the mode of activation, should not be so different.

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