Best dating app for singles from 2019

From Tinder to Bumble, through Once and Happn, here are the best free online dating app to meet people and (maybe!) The soul mate.

The dating apps do not have an excellent reputation, but there is no denying that today they are one of the best ways to get to know people and make relationships, fleeting or long. The dating app are used mostly by singles looking for a flirt or a new partner, but also simply to meet interesting people, maybe far from our circles of friends but similar to us.

Looking for free and reliable dating apps to meet new people or find love? The market is full of dating sites, but to help you untangle this crowded platforms, we’ve chosen the best online dating apps.

The selection was made based on ease of use, popularity, simple interface, availability for all operating systems, features present, degree of security for privacy and gratuity. Here you are If you are ready to take your love future in 2019 seriously, here is the list of singles apps you need to know absolutely.

The best dating apps 2019

1) Tinder

Tinder is perhaps the most famous social network dating in the world. Very simple to use, it allows the user to browse photos posted by geographically close people. Just create a profile with login via Facebook or new, upload 4 photos, add a description and select the people we like.

For each profile are presented photos, to which the user can decide whether to give a sign of appreciation (a little heart) or simply go ahead by scrolling with his finger. All while on the metro, at the dentist, lined up at the cash desk or on the sofa.

When the two people show interest to each other, at that point will start the match and can start chatting, go on WhatsApp or maybe decide to meet in person.

2) Happn

You know when you see someone on the subway, but you do not know how to approach them? Here, this is the reason why this meeting app was born. Happn was born to try and have a chat with someone who hit us on the street or at a party.

Whenever two people with this app downloaded on the phone meet, the event is recorded and a link is created by which you can know when, where and at what time you met. When both people leave themselves a like then the chat will be activated and you can start talking.

3) Once

Once is the “anti-Tinder” dating app that allows you to see only one profile per day, selected not by the system, but by a team of experts in the field. Thanks to Matchmakers, people can understand if the partner is suitable for you and the degree of affinity, the app becomes one of a kind.

Every day at midnight the two users will see the proposed photo and only when they both like each other can they start chatting. The Cinderella fairytale in digital version. If the spark does not start, just wait 24 hours to see the new proposed partner.

4) Bumble

Very similar to Tinder because of the sliding research, Bumble has however a distinctive feature: it is the female part to have the reins of the game in hand; which is why it is considered the perfect dating app for women.

On Bumble only women can take the initiative, starting conversations, except in the case of same-sex couples (you can change preferences from the settings) or people with whom you are friends on Facebook.

The app is free and available at the moment for Android devices, iPads and iPhones with iOS 8 or later. There is no version for Windows. Once installed you can log in via Facebook (from which you take profile photos and info like age, date of birth and education), but you must be at least 17 years old to use it.

5) Grindr

One of the dating apps most used by homosexual users is Grindr, based on localization. To start using it, you must register by filling out the form with your email address, password and date of birth, insert a profile photo and then start searching on the map of the subscribers near you.

During the creation of the profile you can enter the preferences from the item “I’m looking for” in order to help the algorithm to show us the people closest to our tastes.

Grindr is very simple and intuitive to use, and is available for both iOS and Android from the respective app stores.

Just consult the profiles of users and scroll through their photos to see if they can be interesting and decide to start a chat. You can send text messages, photos, audio notes, stickers and even your position, just like on WhatsApp.

6) The Inner Circle

Among the most interesting dating app at the moment it is worth mentioning The Inner Circle, the platform for selective encounters. It is designed to connect young professionals who live close to each other and share backgrounds, interests and hobbies. The members of the community come mainly from the world of startups and are entrepreneurs, creatives, designers, etc … It is no coincidence that to access the database of meetings and pass the selection are analyzed LinkedIn profiles. You can browse profiles, filter by geographic proximity and compatibility, send your “interest” to those we like, but not only. Users can register to take part in exclusive events organized in capitals all over the world to meet live. The Inner Circle is available via app or website, registration is free and login can be made via Facebook or LinkedIn.

7) Ok Cupid

OkCupid is one of the few dating apps that does not require signing up for Facebook. What you need to do is create a user name and fill in the profile data, which can be linked to the Instagram account. The system generates questions whose answers will create a percentage score that reflects the compatibility with other users and that can be made public or hidden. To find someone we like, just go to the item Match or Quickmatch, which limits the results to the photos only and allows a quicker and more direct search. The app is free, but to see more than 5 people who have recently visited the profile and know who you like to pay the premium version.

8) Lovoo

An app particularly loved by young people because it offers the opportunity to get in touch with the people who live nearby. The operation is very similar to that of Instagram: you can see a series of photos and express your appreciation. And speaking of Instagram, the app owned by Facebook is increasingly used as a chat between users who can view a story, a video or a photo to write privately to the person who interests them.

But back to Lovoo, to find the people close to us you will not have to do anything else but activate the GPS function, which will show the photos of men or women who are in the vicinity of our positioning. Once you find the right person, through the chat service, you can start to know her better and see if she lives up to our expectations.

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