Will Nintendo abandon console world in future by focusing on mobile market

Will Nintendo abandon the console world in the future by focusing on the mobile market with smartphone games? Here is what we must expect.

Nintendo in the future could say goodbye to the world of consoles? Switch 2 will not arrive soon and in a recent interview the president of Super Mario and Zelda’s company, Shuntaro Furukawa, said that in the coming years the big N could change direction, focusing on the mobile market.

In fact, Nintendo has already done it in some ways: the Nintendo Switch hybrid console represented a real success for the Japanese company, with sales exceeding 22 million units (data in October 2018) and that remain constant, also thanks to the exclusive titles like Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Switch is still an excellent solution for those who follow the idea of mobile gaming, wherever you are, conjugable with home entertainment. Also from mobile, with Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing that from smartphones have achieved a great success.

Nintendo will no longer produce consoles? What the future holds

The recent statements by Furukawa are enough sibilline about, but sufficient to get an idea of what to expect from Nintendo in the coming years: “We are not bound or ‘fixed’ to our consoles, at the moment we are offering our Nintendo experience with Switch but the technologies are destined to change. We will continue to always think in a flexible and correlated way with the passing of time.

And on the mobile side, Nintendo added: “I’d like to increase the amount of games on smartphones that hold a steady stream of revenue,” Furukawa’s words glimpse a future of Super Mario and co’s games. more and more focused on the game via smartphone, which could see expanded stock fleet coming soon.

Is Nintendo really thinking of leaving the home market, with Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 next to its launch in 2020, and the physical consoles? In fact, in addition to these statements Furukawa clarifies that: “We are also delighting in theme parks and film production, different ways to let our characters enter everyday life”.

Somehow, Nintendo seems not to be ready to launch Switch’s heir as soon as possible, a bit like what happened with Nintendo 3DS, whose life was decidedly long-lived: for the future, the Japanese company will try to diversify its commercial sectors, while remaining faithful to its brand.

It is more likely the arrival of a new version of Switch, in the wake of what has been done not only with the 3DS but also with PlayStation 4 Lite: a restyling of the successful hybrid console could certainly be more plausible.

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